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Where’s the best place to apply transdermal Hormone creams?

by | Last updated: Apr 14, 2022 | Blog, Men's Health

Bio-identical hormones are best delivered transdermally — through the skin. Unlike oral hormones, transdermal hormones bypass the liver so there is no interference with the clotting cascade. Thus, hormone creams are safer.

I prefer liposomal bases for transdermal hormones.

Liposomal delivery mechanisms help fat-soluble hormones penetrate the skin and get deposited into the subcutaneous fat allowing more consistent blood levels. It’s best to apply transdermal hormone creams to clean skin and wait at least fifteen minutes before getting the skin wet like sweating.

Alcohol-based hormone creams do not deliver large hormone molecules past the dermis. Liposomal based transdermal progesterone and estrogen cream are best applied to the inner thighs. Alcohol-based creams are better applied to thinner skin like inner forearms.

For men, testosterone is best absorbed from upper inner arms.

Men need to be careful not to touch women, children, or pets until the cream, gel or liquid testosterone is completely absorbed, which usually takes 30 minutes.

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