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6 Ways to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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Insulin resistance occurs when the insulin receptors in your cells do not allow insulin to lock in, preventing glucose from getting into the cells and interfering with energy production. Insulin resistance also contributes to cellular dehydration and malnutrition, because it prevents water, amino acids, and fatty acids from locking into your cells. That’s why it’s essential at the cellular level to reverse insulin resistance. 

Here are six practical ways you can begin making changes in your lifestyle to start reversing insulin resistance.

1. Sleep

The first and most significant way to help reverse insulin resistance is to get more sleep. Deep sleep is associated with high levels of melatonin production, and melatonin helps reverse insulin resistance naturally. Sleeping in the dark is essential to maintaining adequate melatonin in order to increase the depth and length of your sleep. Not exposing yourself to blue light from digital screens after dusk is also essential, because too much blue light will suppress your melatonin production. 

2. Exercise

The second way is through exercise. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can help decrease insulin resistance and increase cellular sensitivity to insulin. One study in particular looked at high-intensity training to lower HGBA1C. The study found that just three minutes of high-intensity exercise a week was sufficient to help reverse insulin resistance.

This means doing three high-intensity training sessions, where you do three 20-second bursts of speed. Of course, you need to warm up first for five to seven minutes, and cool down for five to seven minutes, and in between the bursts of speed, you want to bring your heart rate down for about a minute. Doing this simple high-intensity training three times a week can help reverse insulin resistance. 

3. Stress Reduction

Reducing stress is a powerfull way to help reverse insulin resistance. When you’re under high-stress, you make more cortisol. More cortisol induces your pancreas to release glucagon, which then releases stored sugar, causing your pancreas to release more insulin. High insulin and blood sugar levels can induce insulin resistance at the cellular level. So any stress reduction techniques that help reduce how you react to stress, like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or therapy, can make a big difference in reversing insulin resistance. 

4. Weight Loss

If you’re carrying extra body fat, especially around your middle, losing weight can help reverse insulin resistance. Your adipose cells are never insulin resistant; they keep allowing in more triglycerides, which are triple sugars packaged by the liver for long-term storage. Losing weight, especially belly fat, through exercise, diet, stress reduction techniques, and hypothalamic support can make a big difference in helping to reverse insulin resistance. 

5. Insulin-Resistant Diet

The fifth way to reverse insulin resistance is to follow an insulin-resistant diet. This means eating much fewer carbohydrates, avoiding sugar and simple starches, and consuming more fiber and colorful fruits and vegetables. Including spices like cinnamon, drinking green tea, and adding apple cider vinegar to your diet to improve digestion can help reduce insulin resistance.

6. Supplements

There are some supplements available that can help reduce insulin resistance, particularly berberine and chromium. And of course, I’ll always advise supporting your hypothalamus, since it controls your cellular metabolism. Keeping your hypothalamus healthy with Genesis Gold can help reduce insulin resistance, especially in combination with exercise and an insulin-resistant diet. 

If you have any questions about the best way to reverse insulin resistance, I invite you to join me in our Hormone Support Group. Here, you’ll get access to our free Hormone Reboot Training. 

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