Frequently Asked Questions About Sacred Seven®  


Q: What is Sacred Seven®?


Sacred Seven® is a synchronistically blended amino acid formula—the secret "sauce" in Genesis Gold® and now bottled separately.



Q: What can Sacred Seven® do for me?


Sacred Seven® can help balance the hypothalamus—which is the maestro of your entire symphony of hormones, brain chemistry and immune factors. By concentrating on the conductor, each instrument does not have to separately tuned.



 Q: When is Sacred Seven® added to Genesis Gold® ?


  • The Sacred Seven® amino acid blend is already in Genesis Gold®, but for those with severely imbalanced hormones and brain chemistries, Sacred Seven® can hasten the return to wellness.
  • Menopausal women who experience a return of hot flashes and insomnia after respite on Genesis Gold® can add a scoop of Sacred Seven® to their regime. Hot flashes usually resolve in a few days.
  • The aging brain can often benefit by adding Sacred Seven® to Genesis Gold®
  • Those with learning disabilities associated with premature birth or fetal alcohol syndrome sometimes need more concentrated amino acid supplementation. Sacred Seven® is synchronistically blended to enhance cognition.



 Q: Can Sacred Seven® be taken without Genesis Gold®?


  • Yes, but most dis-eased patients need more nutritional support. Genesis Gold® provides the nutrients necessary to enhance detoxification and assimilation.
  • If you have an allergy to any of the herbal ingredients in Genesis Gold®, then Sacred Seven® may be the best option to balance your system.
  • Oftentimes if the digestive system is contaminated with parasites or fungus, then a patient can start with Sacred Seven®. When the infection is eradicated, Genesis Gold® can be added or substituted.


Q: I just took my first dose of Sacred Seven® and am not particularly found of the taste with water :) Can I mix it with juice? Also, it has a little bit of an unpleasant smell. I am assuming this is normal, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

 You can take Sacred Seven® with juice. Its taste will change as your chemistry changes. You taste and smell what your body needs...

For me, Sacred Seven® smelt like sulfur and tasted like salty eggs for the first two weeks, I assumed it was the sulfur containing amino acids I was sensing that contribute the most to detoxification. And I was definitely detoxing physically and emotionally. 

Then it had a neutral smell and tasted slightly salty for a couple of months. I was perceiving the amino acids used by the body to manufacture hormones for my periods came back without hormone supplementation.  

Then Sacred Seven® smelt delicious to me like the sweet musk of the crown of a baby's head. And it tasted sweet. I craved it....taking it more than once a day. I was perceiving the sweet amino acids that are utilized by the neurological system to create neurotransmitters. My moods became balanced and I could not get enough hugs, fell in love with my own body and the sensuality of being human. 

That was all within the first six months. I have been taking Sacred Seven® since I created it in 2000.  Its taste and smell shifts as I shift...changing dramatically in the past year as I have entered menopause. 

I take a break from it about two weeks three times a year...whenever my body tells me. It is a subtle communication, learning how to become my own Body Whisperer.  

Taking Sacred Seven® is a journey into the nuances of health—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

Have a joyous journey!


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