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5 Tips for Insulin Resistance – Lose That Belly Fat

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If you want to know how to breakthrough insulin resistance and lose that belly fat —Then this video is for you.

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Remember insulin resistance means most of your cells are not allowing insulin and sugar in except your belly fat cells. A simple blood test called – HGB A1C measures how insulin resistant you are. Insulin resistance is your body’s way of adapting to stress. But all that insulin and sugar floating around in your bloodstream is very inflammatory. Insulin resistance leads to heart disease, Infertility, and even cancer.

If you follow these five easy Hormone Healing steps, you’re going to reverse insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and get your trim waistline back.

Step #1: Move More Than You Sit

The biggest risk factor of becoming insulin resistant and eventually diabetic and dying of heart disease is being sedentary. So you need to get moving. Exercise first thing in the morning to get your metabolism humming.

Then get up and walk, dance, do some jumping jacks, and just move for five to ten minutes every hour.

Studies show that people who walk for ten minutes three times a day are more likely to keep the weight off than those who exercise for thirty minutes a day. Why? Because moving becomes a habit.

Step #2: Don’t Eat Carbs After Dark to help with belly fat.

This is the first thing I advise my overweight patients. No carbs after dusk. No bread, no pasta, no rice, no alcohol, no fruit, no juice, no soda, no sugar, no starches of any kind. Vegetables are fine except potatoes. Why? Because carbs are energy food and if you’re not going to run a race after dark then you’re going to store those carbs in your belly fat. And worse you’re going to increase your insulin resistance. The more sugar you have floating around in your bloodstream after dark when you’re insulin and sugar levels are supposed to be low, the less sensitive your cells become to insulin.

Remember insulin resistance means most of your cells are not allowing insulin and sugar in except your belly-fat cells.

Step #3: Go to Bed Within a Few Hours of Dusk

Sleeping in the dark is one of the best ways to reverse insulin resistance. The sleep hormone melatonin naturally reverses insulin resistance and you only make enough melatonin when you sleep in the dark. You need at least seven hours of high melatonin production to effectively sensitize your cells to insulin. So like I explained in Inducing Sleep Naturally video – turn off your digital devices, turn off all the lights and get to sleep. Your belly fat will thank you.

Step #4: Meditate Every Day

Meditation has been shown to reduce inflammation. Calming your nervous system through meditation can help lower stress hormones especially cortisol. While Cortisol initially tells your body to release stored sugar when it’s under stress, if the stress does not require energy from sugar, you’re going to just store that sugar in your belly fat for later. In my next video, I show you a great calm meditation that can help lower stress hormones and reverse insulin resistance.

Step #5: Raise your Metabolism by Supporting Your Hypothalamus

Your hypothalamus is just trying to save you by storing fat for the winter. If your lights are on all the time and you eat lots of carbs, your hypothalamus thinks it’s perpetual summer. Summertime is when most mammals fatten up for the winter to come. We humans have the same metabolic response to summer conditions – we gain weight when the days are long and we eat too many carbs. Unfortunately for our waistlines, the long dark famine of winter doesn’t come so we don’t need to live off our stored body fat like a bear does. If you support your hypothalamus with the right amino acids and phytonutrients, like the special hypothalamic blend found in Genesis Gold®, your metabolism stays high, your stress response is low, and your body is fit and lean.

Now you know how to reverse insulin resistance yet it’s not easy to lose that inflammatory fat if the rest of your hormones are out of balance. So I created the Hormone Reboot Training for you to discover how to balance insulin and all your hormones naturally. JOIN US NOW

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