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How to lose stress induced belly fat naturally

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People who have stress induced belly fat are the survivors. Women tend to be survivors

Shifting your internal biochemistry is like remodeling a house – it’s such a big change that the body prepares for stress by gathering resources:

First, your body gathers sustenance to heal.

More fuel, more energy to burn, more rebuilding to do. With more energy, you become more active, actually burn the fat, and build muscle. Hopefully you make better food choices, eating less and less storage foods like carbohydrates and more and more vegetables, protein, and fats. Forcing your body to reverse insulin resistance and use the fat for energy. That is how you lose the body fat.

Second, your hormones begin adjusting.

Sex steroids, adrenal, thyroid – and you need those fat stores to make more hormones until your body becomes more efficient.

Third, your hypothalamus is continually balancing your weight set point and metabolism to optimize your health.

Remember it takes time to heal. A month per year you’ve been out of balance.

I too put on five pounds of body fat when first starting the beta product which was essentially – Sacred Seven – and in two months got my first non-hormonally induced period.

I needed the extra body fat. It was hard to accept at first, but as my biochemistry changed so did my body image. Thank goodness, because this little extra body fat has carried me gracefully through perimenopause.

Many of my patients gain weight at first. Some in muscle and bone density, so I like to get body fat measurements to follow.

Now that you have more energy be sure you are getting enough exercise to burn fat. Both aerobic and weight resistance.

You will lean out again – IF you burn more energy than you consume. Most people do not realize how sedentary they are. I’ve always been lean because I’m like a border collie – always on the move.

Plus people do not realize how many carb calories they consume. I often get three-day diet logs back from my patients and am surprised at how much bread, pasta, rice, sugar is in their diets.

When I was a long distant athlete, we called this – carb loading. Not a problem if you’re going to be running ten miles or cycling fifty or swimming a hundred laps. But if you’re sitting on your butt most of the day that thirty-minute jog will not burn all those carbs you’re consuming.

Read labels.

If you want to lose weight – body fat not muscle or bone – you have to eat fewer carbs. Remember only 45 grams per day if you’re overweight and sedentary. More if you’re active.

So you must make conscious choices. Genesis Gold® gives you more energy. Use it to get up frequently. Take frequent breaks from sedentary work – walk around or climb the stairs or get outside ten minutes every hour.

HIT exercise three times a week will help break through the insulin resistance that is packing fat around your waistline.

And one LSD – Long Slow Distance – per week will train your body to burn that fat. Go for a hike, a long walk, or bicycle ride for at least an hour. It’s only after the first forty-five minutes that you begin to use your fat stores as energy.

Your body thinks you’re hibernating for the winter when you eat more carbs than you can expend and you keep the lights on all the time. It’s like perpetual summer with long days and lots of vegetation to eat. Yet the winter of fasting and darkness never comes. So you keep packing on the fat. Your poor hypothalamus is just responding to your lifestyle choices.

So turn off the lights and sleep in the dark. Exercise early in the day to upregulate your metabolism.

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