Is your belly fat caused by Insulin Resistance?

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Why would your cells become resistant to insulin? Well, if you have too much sugar floating around in your blood stream and you do not feed it for energy, then the parts of your body that cannot store sugar close their receptor sites.

For instance, your heart cannot store sugar. The organ can only use sugar for energy, to pump blood throughout your body, or to grow itself. If you make a fist, you can see a rough model of the size of your heart. Were it to grow any bigger, your heart would be an inefficient pump for your body. So your heart becomes insulin resistant to protect itself and you from runaway growth.

So where does all that extra sugar go? To your fat cells, as they never become insulin resistant. Their job is store all the extra sugar in the form of triglyceride (3 sugar molecules on fat), which is produced by your liver. Only your liver and muscles can store glucose, about four hundred calories worth.

Triglyceride , expressed in chemist shorthand

All the extra glucose goes to your fat cells, and your belly is where most of that sugar gets stored. In fact, in Medicine, we call the roll of fat around your middle your “Insulin Meter”. The bigger the insulin meter, the more insulin resistant your cell receptor sites have become.

This adds not only to the fat you can see around your stomach, but also to the fat stored around your internal organs. All that extra fat is very inflammatory, which will interact with the extra insulin floating around, unable to get into your cell receptor sites, inflaming your cardiovascular system. This process is just one way that insulin resistance contributes to clogged arteries, stroke and heart attacks.

If you develop insulin resistance, your cells are not only deprived of glucose, they are deprived of amino acids, fatty acid building blocks, as well as water. You become dehydrated and malnourished, you can be overweight and also malnourished. The key to reversing insulin resistance lies in lowering your sugar and starch intake. Only eat low glycemic carbs, plus protein and fat.

And do not forget to exercise exercise. The more active you are, the more sensitive your cells are to insulin. All that extra blood sugar has got be used, so work it off.  There are drugs that help lower your blood sugar. But there are also supplements that help reverse insulin resistance naturally.

Hormone Healing Tip: take Chromium with Every Meal

In head to head studies, chromium helps reverse insulin resistance as effectively as the drug tested, metformin,  without the side effects. Chromium is a mineral that helps sensitize your cells to insulin. Take 400mg of chromium nictonate, with each meal, to help reverse insulin resistance.

And be sure you are taking your Genesis Gold every day to enhance your sensitivity to all of your hormones!

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