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Midlife Cholesterol

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Do you know that your hormones are made out of cholesterol? I see so many patients put on statins for high cholesterol before treating the root cause. You see, cholesterol is supposed to rise when your steroid hormones drop. That’s because your Hypothalamus sends a message to your liver to produce more LDL cholesterol to send to your ovaries, or testes if you’re a man, to make more sex hormones. In fact all steroid hormones – cortisol, DHEA, pregnenelone, aldosterone, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone – have a cholesterol molecule in the middle.

If you follow these three easy Hormone Healing steps, you’re going to lower your cholesterol naturally.

#1: Know Your Real Cholesterol Numbers

Cholesterol is not created equally. Let’s put all your cholesterol on a plate. At least one third of it should be HDL – high density lipids. And the rest are low density lipids – LDL. You might think that HDL is good and LDL is bad, but it’s not that simple. You make both small and large HDL and LDL particles Small particles are inflammatory and impregnate the lining of the arteries causing arteriosclerosis. Large particles are protective. So at least half of your HDL should be large buoyant particles– a good number is more than 9000. And half of your LDL should be large buoyant particles well over 222.5 angstroms.

Here’s what a healthy midlife cholesterol profile looks like. The total cholesterol is high, some thirty points higher than premenopausal levels. Yet the average LDL size is 226.7 which means much more protective large buoyant particles than small artery-clogging particles. The LDL is high because her Hypothalamus is screaming at her ovaries to make more sex hormones and her liver is pumping out the cholesterol resources for her ovaries to use. But she’s menopausal, out of eggs, so no more estrogen or progesterone will be produced from her ovaries. Yet her adrenal glands will use the good LDL to make adrenal hormones which can be converted to sex hormones and ease the transition through menopause.

So what’s your average LDL particle size?

#2: Exercise More and Eat Less Carbs

While statins will lower your total cholesterol and LDL, the drugs do not change your particle sizes. You can still have a heart attack with low cholesterol. That’s because particle size matters more than total cholesterol. And only lifestyle changes will fix your cholesterol particle size.

If your HDL is made up of mostly non-protective small particles than aerobic exercise is the answer. A study done by a cardiac surgeon in the UK showed that just three minutes of high-intensity aerobic activity per week will raise large buoyant protective HDL. The simple HIT routine I recommend for my patients is included in the Hormone Reboot Training.

To lower artery-clogging small particle LDL, you have to eat less carbs. Following an insulin resistant diet for 2-3 months should do the trick. Be sure to eat enough healthy fat or you’re going to be hungry when you cut down the carbs.

#3: Reduce Your Inflammation

It’s inflammation that kills. And inflammation that creates clogged arteries in the first place. Cholesterol is just acting as a bandaid to seal up damage in your arteries. A simple blood test called C- Reactive Protein or CRP measures your cardiovascular inflammation. An effective way to lower CRP is by using proteolytic enzymes like natokinnase. But be sure not to take them with food or the proteolytic enzymes will digest your food, not clear your systemic inflammation.

Arterial inflammation can be caused by stress which causes high levels of circulating cortisol to eat away the lining of your arteries. Think about it. If you’ve ever had to use a steroid cream for a rash, the label warns you to wash your hands afterward so your skin doesn’t get dangerously thin. Reduce your stress response to decrease systemic inflammation. My CALM meditation using scent and sound helps train your body to handle stress with calming neurotransmitters.

Now you know how to lower your cholesterol Naturally yet it’s not easy to reduce inflammation if the rest of your hormones are out of balance. So I created the Hormone Reboot Training for you to discover how to balance all your hormones naturally. It’s free! https://members.genesisgold.com/hrt

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