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Improve Your Sex Drive After Menopause!

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One symptom of menopause that isn’t talked about quite as often is low libido. Low libido means that you have a low sex drive and that you no longer desire sex. Low libido doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re inorgasmic. Although you may find that sexual arousal takes a lot longer to achieve. In this post, we’ll discuss how to improve your sex drive after menopause.

Low libido can be linked back to unbalanced hormones.

When your estrogen levels fall, you’re not thinking about sex as much. Your partner’s touch and scent don’t seem as enticing to you. Estrogen helps your skin stay stimulated, so your erogenous zones are not easily stimulated when your levels fall. Low estrogen levels also affect your blood flow. Which means that less blood flow to your pelvic organs makes sexual arousal much more difficult. Inadequate blood flow can result in less vaginal lubrication and painful sex. 

What do most doctors get wrong? 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help with treating low sex drive in menopausal women. Also, when you get your vagina healthier with the help of estriol vaginal cream can make a huge difference in how responsive to sex play you are. The proper vaginal lubrication can make sex much more comfortable. 

Testosterone is not my first choice when treating low sex drive. Though many healthcare providers love to prescribe testosterone for low libido. But the truth is, for the majority of women, estrogen drives our libido, not testosterone. The difference is that a testosterone-driven sex drive is motivated by the need to orgasm. It’s estrogen that brings sensual enjoyment to sex. Estrogen drives our need for sensual foreplay, our need to be aroused, and our need to be wined and dined. And that’s why your falling estrogen levels in menopause can flatten your libido. 

The key to raising your sex drive is when you get your estradiol levels up first with BHRT. If that’s not working, and your FSH is suppressed (meaning it’s low on estrogen therapy) then you have enough estrogen to add a little bit of testosterone. The same goes for a vagina that is healthy, you do not have hot flashes, insomnia, and you’re not moody.

So how do you improve libido after menopause?

In my clinical practice, I’ve seen women treated with high doses of testosterone. Of course, their sex drive goes up, but they also get very irritable and angry and sometimes grow whiskers that they don’t want. So start with estrogen first. Remember that you cannot take estrogen without progesterone. Otherwise, you’re not protecting tissues against the growth-promoting effects of estrogen.

I have found that when my patients support their hypothalamus, their libido returns. Your hypothalamus controls your sex drive, reproduction rate, willingness, and ability to be a sexual being. It controls your dreams and your sense of eroticism. It’s vitally important to support your hypothalamus to have healthy sexual experiences like you enjoyed in your youth.

Many menopausal women will find that they have a much better sex life during the change. This improvement is because they’re no longer afraid of getting pregnant. They’re more comfortable communicating their needs to their partner, and they’re at the point in their life where they’re not as concerned about how they look. They’re much more concerned about how they feel and can surrender to their sexual experiences. 

I find that my patients who use Genesis Gold® to support their hypothalamus are more likely to have this fuller experience. 

Especially if they’ve had poor sexual experiences earlier in their life. Balancing their hypothalamus gives them a sense of empowerment over their sexuality. My patients who use Genesis Gold® also find that their vagina stays more lubricated and that their sex drive is healthy. The vast phytonutrients in Genesis Gold® help increase hormone receptor site sensitivity, so their declining estrogen levels are not a problem. 

We talk a lot about the best ways to improve your sex drive after menopause in our Hormone Support Group, which you can access by joining our Hormone Reboot Training. I hope to see you there!

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