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Foreplay and Menopause | 3 Tips to Get Your Libido Back

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If you’re in menopause and losing your mojo — Then this video is for you.

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#1: Balance Your Hormones To Get Your Sex Drive Back

While testosterone drives men’s libidos, most women are estrogen dependent. During your reproductive years, your testosterone rises only when your estrogen falls – right before ovulation– inducing a surge in your drive to reproduce. Yet we women are sexual beings all month long.

It’s estrogen that fuels our sex dreams. Estrogen fuels our sense of smell which is why women are attracted to their mates’ odor. If he doesn’t smell enticing to you anymore and it’s not his hygiene, it could be your lower estrogen levels. Estrogen helps women feel sensual and increases the receptivity of their erogenous zones.

Menopause testosterone actually rises as estrogen levels fall. So I like to focus on my patients’ estrogen levels to raise their sex drive. And progesterone is needed to upregulate estrogen receptors.

Some natural ways to balance your hormones are using black cohosh to raise estrogen, maca to raise testosterone, and chasteberry to raise progesterone. Nitric acid supplementation can increase libido and orgasmic potential in the same way that viagra does. Of course, I recommend that my patients take Genesis Gold® to balance all their hormones, increase cell receptor activity and metabolize hormones safely.

#2: Your Vagina Needs Estrogen During Menopause

Many menopausal women complain of painful sex. Why? Because without estrogen, your vagina becomes thin and dry making intercourse uncomfortable. Think of trying to take a bite of an apple with really chapped lips. The corners of your mouth will crack and bleed. Same thing happens to your menopausal vagina during intercourse. It’s called atrophic vaginitis and it’s extremely painful.

There’s nothing that heals a dry vagina better than topical estrogen. I have seen patients develop such severe chapping from lack of estrogen that even urinating is painful. In fact, if you’re menopausal and having frequent bladder infections, vaginal estrogen can help. Estrogen increases collagen which supports delicate urogential tissue including helping the bladder and urethra maintain normal tone to prevent bacterial invasion during sex, bathing, swimming, and toileting.

Estrogen cream is applied nightly for at least six weeks to heal atrophic vaginitis. Then a maintenance application of 2-3 times per week to keep your vagina healthy and well lubricated for happy pain free sex.

#3: Take Time To Rediscover Orgasm

Everything seems to slow down after menopause- your energy, your motivation, your metabolism. And it takes longer and longer to reach orgasm. That’s because without reproductive levels of hormones, blood flow to the pelvis and vagina is less. And it’s the build up of blood in the pelvic organs that is then released with orgasm. No build up, no climax. Not that it’s never going to happen. It just takes longer.

Be gracious with yourself. You can still have great sex after menopause, you just need to take the time to rediscover what you need to orgasm. You may not only need more time, but more stimulus. More foreplay. More powerful vibrators. Different sexual positions to provide the clitoral and G-spot stimulation necessary to reach orgasm.

I tell my patients that menopause is the perfect time to rediscover sex. It’s like a brand new honeymoon. You and your lover can have a great time finding new ways to pleasure each other. Be patient. Get your vagina healthy and happy with topical estrogen. Take your Genesis Gold® to balance your hormones and raise your libido. And then just have fun.

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  1. Hem lee

    How are u I’m interested in your product but worries about breast cancer.

    I already menopause for 3 years now got family history my mom past way of breast cancer . I just done nipple papillary surgery dr advice me not take any estrogen products. Please give me some advice on your product. Tq

    • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

      I’ve had patients with breast cancer safely use Genesis Gold
      There’s no hormones in the product. It does help optimize your hypothalamus function


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