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How To Lose Weight After Menopause Naturally

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Many women gain weight during menopause. It’s because of the the imbalance in their hormones and particularly the effect of lower sex steroids on the hypothalamus. Your hypothalamus controls your weight, your metabolism and your hormones. So it’s crucial to get back in balance to lose weight after menopause.

Here’s four ways to help you lose weight during menopause.

Increase your Activity

The main thing that you are going to do is to increase your activity. Now, I know you have probably started to exercise, but in reality, how much are you actually sitting down? The more sedentary you are, the less metabolically active you are, the more likely whatever you put in your mouth is going to turn into body fat. When you are menopausal, your metabolism is naturally lower. In order to increase your metabolism, you need to be more active.

So the primary step here is to get a step counter, either a Fitbit or just a pedometer. Start recording your steps. How many steps do you take during the day? And I want you to increase those steps by ten percent (10%) every week. That includes any exercise you are doing, and any other activity you are doing, like parking far away from a grocery store. Anything you are doing counts. Increase that activity. Keep increasing it slowly, but steadily, until you can start to maintain a weight loss and get back down to your ideal weight.

The other step of activity is make sure you do have some type of regimented exercise a few times a week. For instance, high-intensity training (HIT) three times a week. A long, slow distance once a week to burn fat. I have included all of these exercise modules, the formulas to HIT, as well as the last weight resistance in my Free Hormone Reboot Training and you can sign up right here.

Match your Carbs to your Activity Level

Now, the second thing is to try and match your carbs to the amount of activity that you are actually doing. Now, if you are a very active person, you are going to need a lot more carbs. But, because you are menopausal and you are trying to lose weight, what you want to do is lower that amount of grams of carbs for your activity and being overweight.

So if you are grossly overweight, obese, and you are sedentary, you only need fifteen (15) grams of carbs per meal. That is forty-five (45) grams per day in order to lose that weight. If you are more active and just overweight, maybe thirty (30) grams per carbs per meal, or ninety (90)  grams per day. Any more carbs than that and you are going to store it as body fat. Unless you are running marathons, you are doing triathlons, you do not need that many carbs. So the rest of your calories are coming from protein and from fat.

Address Emotional Eating

The third step in order to lose weight during menopause naturally, is to start to address any emotional eating. Now this is really key. I am going to tell you a little story. I had a patient I was working with all through her menopause, who gained weight in menopause. She never was overweight before this point. But over ten years going through menopause, she put on quite a bit of weight.

While every diet and exercise regime that we started her on helped her to lose weight, it was not to last. I even got her started on Genesis Gold, which actually helped her to really balance out her hypothalamus. It also allowed her to lose weight more efficiently without trying so hard. But she would always gain the weight back.

After a couple of months of using Genesis Gold, she had some awareness about what was going on. What she found is that whenever she lost weight, she got a lot of attention from other men and that made her feel really uncomfortable and made her very, very nervous about maybe even stepping out in her marriage and she did not want to do that.

So she decided that she would tell me about this and we did a bit of counseling, and I got her and her husband to Go to marital counseling. She was able to start to realize what was happening and how she was sabotaging her own weight loss efforts. Once that was addressed, with exercise, increased activity, eating less carbohydrates and Genesis Gold, she was able to keep the weight off, because she had addressed why she was sabotaging herself. So that is really key.

Pay attention to when you are eating more than you should be eating, things that you know you should not be eating and why you might be doing that. Are you emotionally eating? Start to keep a journal. It makes a huge difference in your ability to address emotional eating, which often times will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Balance your Hypothalamus

You need to balance out your hypothalamus, especially in menopause. If you do not balance your hypothalamus, you cannot reset your weight set point. Your weight set point is your ideal weight. But if you have been at a higher weight for awhile and your hypothalamus is responding to the extra calories you’re eating and the amount of activity you’re doing it’ll just hold you there. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort to reset your hypothalamus.

You can do that a lot more easily by taking Genesis Gold to support your hypothalamus To help reset your weight set lint and raise your metabolism. You will get back to your ideal weight and you will be able to maintain it. It is not going to happen overnight. Your hypothalamus takes at least three months to reset and when you are menopausal, it could take up to six months totally. But you are going to see a huge difference in your efforts to exercise, lower those carbohydrates, and address your emotional eating by balancing your hypothalamus.

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