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Can Menopause Cause Fever? Know the Symptoms & What You Can Do!

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Many women going through the change are often left wondering: can menopause cause a fever? Let’s talk about this question so that you can know exactly what to expect.

Sometimes during menopause, women may mistake a hot flash for a fever.

If you actually take your core temperature, you’ll notice that you don’t have a fever, you just feel hot. Your skin temperature will be very warm, up to a couple of degrees warmer than your core temperature, but it’s not a true fever. 

However, menopause can cause fever. There is something that occurs, usually in perimenopause, that I like to call the hormonal flu. When your hormones are transitioning in perimenopause and you have too much estrogen on board and not enough progesterone, you can actually feel like you have the flu. Symptoms may include body aches, chills, and even a fever. However, you don’t actually have a virus. It’s more of an inflammatory reaction, due to your hormones being so drastically out of balance. 

When you’re in perimenopause or menopause, you may not have the period to show for it, but these fevers do seem to have a cyclical effect. Oftentimes, if you’re taking bio-identical hormones, you may notice that the “flu” only occurs when you skip your hormones for a few days. 

So yes, in a sense, going through menopause can cause fevers, but just remember that it’s an inflammatory reaction.

Menopause can also aggravate autoimmune conditions, as well as suppress your immune system because your estrogen levels are so low. This can cause stealth viruses or intracellular bacteria to actually surface and cause you to have recurrences, which may lead to fevers. In that case, it’s the microbes that are causing the fevers. However, it’s menopause that makes you vulnerable to the resurgence of these infections. 

Remember, it may be easy to confuse a hot flash with a fever. You may feel like you’re burning up, but you don’t actually have a fever when you’re taking your core temperature. Because menopausal women tend to have a lower metabolism, they usually have lower core temperatures. 

How do you know what your core temperature is?

You can’t rely on the temperature of your skin, because when you’re having a hot flash, your skin will be incredibly hot. I recommend that my menopausal patients check their core temperatures by taking their temperature orally. An oral temperature will be the most accurate measure of your core. 

There are a lot of crazy symptoms that come with the change that is not typical, and oftentimes, you don’t get any sympathy from those around you who don’t understand these atypical symptoms. If you’d like some support, please join us in our hormone support group, which you can access through our Hormone Review Training

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  1. RahimA

    I have high fiver 38:50 and smetime chill and hot flash sometime like flu
    Hiw higwr fiver can be in this situation abd what i have to do to cool down

      • Alice

        I having almost weekly shivering, chills, headache fatigue and flu symptoms to the point I cannot get out of bed and it is playing havoc with my life!

        • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

          Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold can help ameliorate the symptoms of menopause

        • Sharon Wallace

          Me too what did you do

    • Fatima

      Hi, your article is helpful but still I want to confirm the case, my mother is about to 49 she often have fever but before fever she feels pain in abdomen and lower back hot flashes , after that she got high fever after every 2/3 months or some time every month one of the doctor says its because of her premenopausal but I am afraid of her fever with cold because she faces weakness? When will it all stops ?

      • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

        Fevers can be a sign of autoimmunity or underlying infection.
        Hot flashes are not true fevers. So take your temperature to be sure
        Supporting the hypothalamus with Genesis Gold helps to improve temperature regulation and immune function

  2. Angela Conlon

    I have not had a period for 2 months now but I have the normal period symptoms with body aches and cramping around my normal period time but this month I have a low grade fever on and off or 2.5 days. Is this common and I have not been formally told my doctor I am in menopause but I am having all the signs etc. Should I be concerned about this fever or wait a few more days before I call my doctor

  3. Shannon Dudley

    I have not had my period, almost a year I am 49, have had covid twice, I feel very tired, and have not seen a doctor, except for ER doctor’s,due to no insurance, so I found myself running a fever again, feeling run down no energy, I do work nights, just wondering what would be the best advise as far as getting back to myself

    • Bray

      I need help sis I’m super sick during my periods a fever for 5 days everytime .. I’m 43… This just started about 6 months ago and I have ovarian sensitivities to everything.. chronic cysts, enlarged ovary and hydrosalpinx so I’m afraid to take stuff that will effect my hormones to help me cuz it may make the ovary issue worse.. what can I do?? #Hating life.

      • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

        Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold can help balance your hormones and improve immune function

  4. Marnie

    Is muscle pain and stiff joints symptoms of menopause? I have had blood work, Ana, RA… Both normal… CRP, slightly elevated, but also had Shingles at the time. I have not had a period since Sept 2021 and diagnosed in Oct 2021 with Shingles and 6 months later diagnosed again with Shingles. Can menopause cause Shingles to rear it’s ugly head? I feel like I’m falling apart. I have always been very active and now I can barely walk with out pain and stiffness.

    • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

      Yes, generalized pain is a symptom of low sex steroids in menopause
      My menopausal patients find that trained Genesis Gold consistently helps relieve achy muscles and joints by decreasing inflammation
      Yes, shingles can recur in menopause as your immune system is weakened by low sex steroids. Genesis Gold helps improve immune function by supporting your hypothalamus

  5. Steph Bousie

    Hi there, I’m almost 42 and showing signs of going through perimenopause. Today, however, i was out with my family and after walking quite briskly up a steep hill got a creeping pain in my pelvic area/lower abdomen. I’m an active mum, only 55 kilos but this was quite debilitating. I felt faint and feverish with chills and had to ask for assistance getting back to our car. The pain was excruciating and came in waves but no bleeding. I am due for my moon bleed in the next week or so but have never experienced pain this intense. I’m currently in bed after taking a panadine forte (i never take painkillers) the pain has subsided somewhat but i still feel feverish and am wondering if i should go to my local ED. I also have intermittent brownish spotting about a week before my full bleed. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  6. Suzanna

    I am 57 and have been menstruating pretty regularly until the past 6 months. I thought that finally this is over but I just got another cycle (pretty strong) out of nowhere and with that, my temperature was 102.5 yesterday and 101.8 today. I have never observed this high temperature raises (maybe just +0.8 to +1.8). I do feel headache and muscle ache, but don’t feel sick like a flu or similar. (Haven’t been sick in 20+ years). Living a healthy balanced lifestyle, eating healthily, exercising, meditating, etc. I don’t take any medications of any kind. Coud this extreme rise in temperature be because I skipped my period for 6 months and now it came back strongly?


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