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What to do when your doctor says your blood work looks fine, but you feel like crap

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You’re sure your hormones are out of balance so you get a blood test done…

And then your doctor reports that everything is in normal ranges, but you don’t feel well?

Remember just because the individual levels are in normal ranges does not mean they are in sync with one another. Remember TSH -T4/T3 seesaw? It’s a negative feedback system.

They need to be measured together to be able to be read effectively.

Perhaps you have normal thyroid hormone production, but what’s going on with your adrenals (DHEA-S and remember the norm for over 50 is not optimal health)? You are being measured against the rest of stressed-out Americans.

What about your c-peptide or HGBA1C? These all need to be read together in order to determine hypothalamic POMC function.

What about your prolactin level? If it’s above optimal Circadian level (over 9) then your steroid hormones cannot get into the cell receptors even if there’s enough floating around in the bloodstream.

Don’t expect your health care provider (HCP) to be able to read these nuances. They can only see zebras in a herd of horses. They have not been trained to notice the subtle differences in the horses to pick up that the whole herd is infected. One will have to go down before they’ll consider treatment. That’s conventional medicine.

You want Dr. House as your HCP, but that medical mind is a rarity. It takes lots of experience and willingness to think out of the box. HCPs have a herd mentality – there’s safety in numbers – we’re held to a standard of practice even if it’s outdated and doesn’t really help the patient – no judge or licensing board will take us out if we just do what every other HCP does.

I’m an oddball. Willing to push the boundaries of the medical envelop and step out of the box…honestly, I haven’t been bin the box for nearly two decades. It’s risky leaving the herd, I’m vulnerable (thankfully I have an amazing lawyer and consulting physician who have always had my back – plus I take care of their health needs) but being like Dr. House in my little practice in an Ojai is highly effective for my patients and that’s who I serve.

This is why I get a vast array of bloodwork – to start uncovering the biochemical imbalances. Now I can usually tell just by getting my patients naked. Yes, their bodies tell me a lot about what’s going on with their hormones. Even on the beach, I see hypercortisolemia, insulin resistance, hypoganadism in that thirty-something guy with a Dad-bod.

I get the bloodwork to prove to them what I already know. 😊 then we have fun watching their labs improve as they start feeling better.

Now my goal is to teach you enough about your body so you are well armed to face your health care providers and push them to treat all of you. I know it’s hard. They seem to have all the power. But they don’t. They’re just people like you and me. Trying to do their best. They’re trying to help you. It’s just that their hands are tied by big pharma, the insurance industry, and malpractice lawyers.

It’ll take a wave of empowered patients to say ENOUGH!

* I want holistic health care!

* I want my HCP to consider me as an individual and do what’s best for me!

* I want to be the boss of my body and my HCP to act as the hired consultant he/she is!

And as this wave grows… health care providers will seek training in ways to better serve you. Because frankly Medicine is a business.

You need to make conventional medicine see that you are the customer, not your insurance company.


By choosing insurance options that give you flexibility in spending – like HSAs – that’s what my patients have chosen over the years. That way they can pay for my services and other complementary medical services as well as prescribed supplementation – and only use their insurance for major medical issues. Which are rare as they do their best to stay well.

Then you go to the HCPs that serve you the way you want to be served. If you choose an HMO – which frankly are very poor at maintaining health, but really really good at making great profits at the expense of their members – you may feel stuck in the system. I have many patients in HMOs that still see me. I’m their holistic provider that pushes their HMO to better serve them by empowering the patient who comes in armed with facts and results of integrative therapies so their HMO provider gets their eyes opened a little.

I have great hope for the future.

Years ago I was giving a workshop to my colleagues – doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, naturopaths – teaching them the foundation that you learned in this course. My first book -LoveDance – was just about to be launched and I brought a copy plus a bag of Genesis Gold for display. Afterward, a young physician came up to me holding my book and said, “if you could just teach us what you know, we could be your disciples and spread the word!” (He had no idea that the heroine in LoveDance is Mary Magdalen until his partner pointed out the synchronicity!)

That is my ultimate goal – to teach my colleagues so they can better serve you. But they need you as the market to push them to make the shift. That’s why I begin by teaching you!

Change will happen. It begins with you!

About the Author - Deborah Maragopolous FNP

Known as the Hormone Queen®️, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone – no matter their age – balance their hormones, and live the energy and joy their DNA and true destiny desires. See more about me my story here…



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