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The Gut Microbiome – Inflammation Link You Need to Know

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Did you know that your gut microbiome influences inflammation systemically?

Let’s talk about it.

In the past few years, science has shown that the gut microbiome encompasses a diverse community of bacteria that carry out various functions that influences your overall health.

Your gut microbiome influences nutrient metabolism, immune system regulation, and the natural defense against infection. Certain gut microbiomes are associated with inflammatory molecules that may cause more inflammation in body tissues.

Inflammation underlies many chronic diseases like obesity, arteriosclerosis, type two diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Inflammation is triggered by the structural components of some gut bacteria which can result in a cascade of inflammatory pathways. Yet healthy bacteria have an anti-inflammatory influence in your gut.

The metabolic processes of beneficial bacteria create anti-inflammatory components. Particularly short-chain fatty acids play a role in limiting the inflammatory process. So the healthier the bacteria is in your gut, the more anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids they produce and the less inflammation you have in your gut, and systemically in the rest of your body. 

So how do you keep your gut microbiome healthy?

#1 – Eating a Plant Based Diet

Your gut microbiome needs fiber in order to survive and produce short-chain fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects.

#2 – Supporting Your Hypothalamus Nutraceutically

Genesis Gold® helps improve the communication between the gut microbiome and the hypothalamus and vice versa which lowers inflammation in your body, as well as improves your moods, memory, and generalized systemic functioning.

Scientists are looking at ways to use prebiotics and probiotics to actually decrease inflammation, not only in the gut, but systemically.

If you have any questions about gut microbiome and inflammation, please join me in our Hormone Reboot Training.

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