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The Dangers of BPA and How to Protect Yourself

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How does BPA affect your hormones?

Let’s talk about it.

BPA – Bisphenol A – is an endocrine-disrupting compound used in the manufacture of everyday products like plastic water bottles and canned food linings. BPA can leach from these products into your body and also the environment. It’s been detected in 92% of urine specimens. 

BPA affects several steroid receptors. It has a weak estrogen activity and antagonizes testosterone receptors. BPA acts like an estrogen – interfering with female reproduction and feminizing men. 

So how do you protect yourself from BPA?

Stop using plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles that have been frozen or overheated are even more likely to leach BPA into your fluids.

Avoid plastics unless they’re BPA-free.

Utilize glass or metal to consume your fluids, especially in water bottles. 

And your hypothalamus and hippocampus are particularly vulnerable to BPA. The hypothalamus is the gatekeeper to the hippocampus, and when exposed to BPA affects emotional and social behaviors, as well as reproduction, learning, and memory.

Early life exposure to BPA can lead to increased anxiety and depression in girls and attention deficit disorder in boys.

BPA affects neurodevelopment, hormone function, and immunity. Exposure to BPA has been associated with cardiovascular disease, hormone-related cancers, low birth weight, obesity, metabolic disease, and infertility.

Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® will help to protect your endocrine receptors and optimize detoxification. So even if you have been exposed to endocrine disruptors like BPA, you are less likely to manifest hormonal imbalances and endocrine issues. 

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