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How Your Hypothalamus Influences Body Fat and Aging

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Did you know that the hypothalamus controls both body fat and aging?

Let’s talk about it.

Your hypothalamus is a center of control for metabolism and for aging. In fact, aging begins in the hypothalamus. 

As we age, our fat cells become less responsive.  

Studies have shown that aging mice activate fewer fat stores and the nerves of adipose tissue begin to degrade, so less energy is produced. 

Your hypothalamus communicates directly with your fat cells through the nervous system. 

With fewer hypothalamic neurons activated by degrading adipose neurons, metabolism lowers and fat stores increase. Biological aging and stress can instigate miscommunication between the hypothalamus and adipose tissue.

Excessive weight gain coupled with limited activity stresses the hypothalamic metabolic system. Your hypothalamus knows when your fat cells don’t have enough fat in them, and you need to eat more yet if aging or stress interferes with the communication between fat cells and the hypothalamus then fat storage increases, less energy is produced and biological aging accelerates. 

It’s incredibly important that your hypothalamus is functioning optimally to keep communication between the fat cells and the hypothalamus pristine. 

Supporting your hypothalamus nutraceutically with Genesis Gold® can help to slow down the aging process and increase metabolism by improving the communication between the fat cells and the hypothalamus. 

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