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Be Careful! The Oil You Consume Affects Your Hypothalamus

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How does the oil in your diet affect your hypothalamus? Let’s talk about it. 

Brand new research shows that the oil in your diet definitely affects hypothalamus dysfunction.

Soybean oil, which is the most common oil used in cooking and food production, affects 100 different genes. It has been known to induce obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation. It also lowers hypothalamic oxytocin which can contribute to negative behaviors. Soybean oil, the most prominent oil in the modern diet, can cause hypothalamic micro-inflammation.

So what dietary oil would be better for your hypothalamus?

Studies show that olive oil actually has an anti-inflammatory effect on the hypothalamus.

Therefore, if you have a high-fat diet and you substitute some of the lard with olive oil there’s a decrease in hypothalamic inflammation and an improvement and hypothalamic function.

Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil in the diet has a beneficial impact on fatty acid metabolism in the liver and in skeletal muscle. Consuming extra virgin olive oil can result in lower fat deposition and leptin release which helps to keep your body composition lean. 

Coconut oil has a neutral effect on hypothalamus function. Neither helping or hindering the hypothalamus. 

Avoiding soybean oil and adding extra virgin olive oil can help your hypothalamus function better which means more balanced hormones, brain chemistry, stronger immunity, and healthy brain function. 

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