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Spirit on a Human Journey

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This life is not a spiritual journey. This is a human journey. My spirit chose this form to know itself as divine. The year I celebrated my fiftieth birthday, my best friend from second grade reconnected with me on FaceBook. After reading my birthday blog, she came as a patient to consult with me. It was like we were never apart…the same friendship re-blossomed after 25 years apart. Then she read my book — LoveDance — and then she asked, “When did you begin your spiritual journey?” And I answered:

When I realized I am spirit on a human journey.

I began my journey in 1997 when I opened my private health care practice. Full Circle Family Health. The physical manifestation of a dream.

I have dreamt of every significant thing in my life. My beloved husband. My enlightened children. All my creations. Then perceiving the music, the vibration, the energy, I dance my dreams into reality.  And as a holistic family nurse practitioner, I dance healing with my patients.

After nine years of gathering health care experience as an employee, I prayed to be shown a way to fulfill my soul purpose. I had a dream… to start my own holistic health care practice. I dreamt of my patients walking down a garden path into a healing home, where I had the space to practice truly integrated medicine and enough time to spend with my precious family, animals, and garden—dancing my dream.

Soon after Full Circle Family Health became a reality, the universe sent me the most challenging patients. Out of necessity and a great desire to know more, I became an expert in neuro-immune-endocrinology, a specialty that focuses on the biochemical communication network of the human body. It’s always about proper communication, isn’t it?

Well, I opened myself to receive whatever the universe might offer. The sickest most Hormonally Challenged patients came from all over California for my care. As my expertise grew, patients came from across the United States and then from Europe and South America. Word of mouth referrals kept me very busy.

Then I began getting referrals from energy healers. One in particular referred her clients for hormonal support. I was happy to comply. And very curious. This energy healer sent her clients to me with such precise descriptions of what was energetically going on in their bodies that I was able to scientifically assess and diagnose their dis-eases. Her clients got better — physically and energetically — and soon she became my patient.

This healer was very open to everything I could teach her about her body. She was going through menopause and needed hormonal support. I wanted to learn about her work. So we bartered.

My first session with her found me sitting across from her in a lotus position, eyes closed, hands resting in the “ok” position on my knees. She began to laugh. “You don’t remember who you are.”

“What do you mean? Am I not doing it right?”

“This is not your way. Go run with that black dog of yours.” How did she know about Ida? “And when she stops, follow her lead and sit down with her. See what comes.”

So I did. I was an avid runner and enjoyed racing across the trails with my dog. I rarely stopped to smell the roses let alone sit down. But I followed Annette’s advice. When Ida jumped up onto a huge boulder and sat down to look at me, I climbed up to sit by her, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and… a purple tear dropped into my mind’s eye, filled my head, spilled into every aspect of my being… and the answer to a problem came very clearly to me. Wow!

Soon I was meditating in my way. While I ran with my dog, rode my horse, danced in the garden… always the purple teardrop came and with it answers. In a living, breathing, walking, dancing meditation, I began to embody my truth.

Like most, I began my adult life playing the game of being human — I became a Human Doing. We are so good at Doing, yet not so good at Being. We judge ourselves by what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve done. One of my greatest life lessons has been to become a Human Being. I did this by remembering that I am not a human on a spiritual journey, but a spirit on a human journey.

I’ve always known. Yet the world around me didn’t seem ready to remember. Most of my life, I felt different than my sisters, my peers, my colleagues. Not because I’m the only one, but because the more fully I became human, the more spiritually attuned I became. And I felt out of tune with them. I was dancing to a different beat. Most of my life I danced like Elaine on Seinfeld. It wasn’t until I danced among other spiritual seekers that I realized my rhythm.

Yet I had little in common with spiritual seekers who sought to ascend the human condition. It seemed so few I met lived in intimate relationships with others. I believe enlightenment is found in our human relationships. And so many spiritual seekers suffered in their human form. I don’t believe in suffering.

I believe in perfecting my humanity. Fully investing in this life here on earth. Allowing spirit to lead. Releasing mental constructs that no longer serve. Perceiving life through new senses. Feeling my emotions fully. Learning my soul lessons. Becoming more refined vibrationally. Upregulating my DNA so that I might enjoy the journey in physical form as I hold more light.

I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. Stories, novelettes, poetry, and, of course, a diary. I even wrote letters to God. I did a bit of professional writing, published in health care journals, but it wasn’t until I wrote my first book did I find storytelling to be the best way to teach. I share my stories when I consult with patients, when I lecture to audiences both professional and the public, and when I am in a circle with my women friends. Story is how we learn.

While I hope my writing is enlightening, in essence this is my healing journey. I have kept a journal since my youth. The pages have always welcomed me, comforted me in times of sorrow, and gave me space to place my reflections. In writing, I learn more about me, about my life, about my world. And usually it is what I cared most to record in my precious journal that I use to comfort others.

My first book, LoveDance, is a novel. I started with fiction because I was afraid to tell my story. So I told her story and remembered the Sacred Feminine Way of Healing. I had been practicing it, in the guise of Intuitive Integrative Medicine, yet now I was living it, embodying the Sacred Feminine and finally felt whole.

And my healing practice which focused on treating the Hormonally Challenged expanded. I began treating the whole person. Body, Mind and Soul. As I began embodying my own LoveDance, I began to teach what I knew, really knew in my heart, in my soul, in every cell of my body… I knew how to heal. I knew how to be in relationship with men, women and children. I remembered how to dance with the Earth herself… my DNA was dancing health.

I am spirit on a human journey. And so are you.

Love and Light,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP
Intuitive Integrative Health

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