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What Causes Chemical Imbalance in the Brain?

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If you have a chemical imbalance in the brain, that means that you’re not producing adequate amounts of neurotransmitters. You have imbalances between your serotonin and dopamine levels, you’re not producing enough GABA, or you’re producing too much or too little norepinephrine.

A chemical imbalance in the brain can lead to learning disabilities, memory issues, and mood disorders, including depression and anxiety.

Many people aren’t aware of this, but one of the main causes of brain chemistry imbalance is malnutrition.

Yes, a lack of proper nutrients can actually disturb your brain chemistry. Not consuming enough protein for your lean body mass means your brain will not get enough amino acids to produce neurotransmitters. Not getting enough omega three fatty acids in your diet, which have a neuroprotective effect, can affect the neurons’ ability to create receptor sites to then receive neurotransmitters, causing greater brain chemistry imbalance. 

Toxicity is another cause for brain chemistry imbalances.

Toxicity can include heavy metals, pesticides, and even infectious agents that cause damage to the neurons and their receptor sites. Certain medications can also cause brain chemistry imbalance, while some are intended to correct imbalances, like antipsychotics. This is why it’s important to know what you’re ingesting, since food, supplements, and medications can affect your brain chemistry.

High levels of stress can affect brain chemistry.

If the stress occurs over prolonged periods of time, or if there is an acute stressor that is very traumatic, it can severely disrupt the production of neurotransmitters, causing an imbalance in brain chemistry.  

An unhealthy gut, especially with a damaged epithelial lining, known as leaky gut syndrome, can affect brain chemistry.

Studies show that the microbiota of the gut reflects neurotransmitter production, both in the gut and in the brain. So people with depression have certain microbiota that’s out of balance. Healing gut imbalances can help to heal brain chemistry imbalances. 

Sometimes, brain chemistry imbalances are genetically predisposed.

Luckily, using supplementation to help balance your hypothalamus (and your brain) is absolutely necessary and efficient in healing brain chemistry imbalances. I’ve seen quite a bit of success using Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® to heal brain chemistry imbalances. 

If you have any questions regarding the causes of imbalanced brain chemistry, please join me in our Hormone Support Group. You can access it through my free Hormone Reboot Training.

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