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Do you know how to heal yourself?

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What if you could know exactly what your body needs? Without researching on the internet, consulting with medical experts, or running a bunch of tests. What if you could be your own medical intuitive?

Well, you can. Your body has innate wisdom that you can tap into. You have within your DNA all the information needed to heal any dis-ease, age gracefully, in fact, live much longer than your ancestors. But how to access that information?

Your body communicates with you all the time. Most of us don’t listen to the subtle communication until we become ill. Dis-ease is your body screaming at you when you haven’t attended to the whispering. It’s ok. It’s how we learn. As humans, we are a bit hard-headed. We think we know. And we try to think our way through our body’s intricate physiology without really understanding its language.

And the soul speaks through the body. I find that in spite of the best treatments until the deep soul issue that dis-ease is mirroring can be identified does the true healing begin. Most of my work now focuses on helping patients discover why their body has manifested imbalance in the form of injury or illness. We address the physical aspects with a combination of conventional and alternative medicine. Sometimes patients are so ripe for healing that in our first two-hour consult they receive the soul issue and start to do the work.

I believe that my patients have progressed because I have learned to open myself to receive them – body, mind, and soul. So in their own sweet time, they learn how to heal themselves, how to trust their body’s innate wisdom, and then miraculously it seems they heal.

Becoming innate is a remembrance of our ability to self heal, to know what our bodies need for health and vitality and what our souls need for growth and enlightenment. It’s like becoming a Body Whisperer. That is what it feels like to me as a healer. Very similar to reading the subtle messages of a horse or a dog. Someone once called me a Hormone Whisperer. That’s where I start… I resonate with my patients and “read” their body’s innate wisdom like a vibrational book.

It has always been my intention to tap into the body’s innate wisdom. I feel strongly that communication with the genetic blueprint is possible if… and this is a big if… our hormones are in balance. By focusing on the hypothalamus which directs all the hormones, I was able to get my own hormones in balance and hundreds of others over the past eleven years.

By creating, then consuming Genesis Gold®, I achieved hormonal harmony and became a Body Whisperer.* First for my own body and then for others. Because when you’re in harmony, dis-ease and imbalance really feels out of tune!

Since Genesis Gold® came to market in 2003, I have witnessed many of my formerly “stuck” patients — those unable to heal themselves — start to listen to their bodies and then trust that innate wisdom enough to allow healing to occur.*

In fact, I warn my patients before they choose to partake of Genesis Gold® that their lives will change as they perceive their lives with more enlightened eyes. As they consume Genesis Gold®,* their perspective shifts. Yes, many of the changes are physical — people sleep better, their hormones come into balance, their moods stabilize, their digestion improves, they detox more efficiently, their hair grows, they look and feel more vital — but there are more subtle changes that transform their lives. They start to recognize synchronicity. Dreams become more lucid and they begin to understand what their subconscious needs to heal. They start to live more peacefully, experiencing greater ease, trusting in their own ability to heal, to transform their lives.*

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Geneticists have discovered that within the unexpressed DNA are potentials. As if everything we were and will be lies in the blueprint in every cell. What we are at the moment is DNA expressed. What we needed in the past is still in our genetic code… like the genes for hibernation. Still there some 26,000 years since the last Ice Age. We may need it again. In fact some peoples’ bodies are expressing that Ice Age genetics today. We call it Insulin Resistance. Yes, in order to survive the Ice Age, your body needs to store fat around your middle with thick sugary blood that acts like antifreeze flowing through your veins and a very slow metabolism.

Unfortunately, because of hormonal miscommunication, the genes of hibernation are turned on. Medicine calls it dis-ease… pre-diabetes… Well, I call it maladaptation.

So why not improve hormonal communication and turn off the “dis-ease” genes and turn on healthy adaptive genes? You can do this by changing your lifestyle — turn off all your lights after dark. That’s right, no computer, no TV, no light what so ever shining on or near you while you sleep. Oh, and stop eating processed foods. No sugar at all! Adopt a strict Paleolithic diet AND a very early bedtime. Oh yes, to keep in perfect balance, you must rise with the sun.

And this strict healthy lifestyle may help some achieve their perfect health. But it won’t work for all of us. And I, for one, prefer to celebrate life with good food, good wine, (yes, wine — the good stuff, life is about joy so why suffer?)

Recently I had a physical examination, pretty much from head to toe by my local nurse practitioner. We have been colleagues for years, but she hasn’t seen me — well, all of me — since 2004. She was surprised. “You’re in such great shape. You haven’t aged at all.” Well, that’s not true, but compared to who she usually examines, I guess I’ve maintained pretty well.

“You must work out all the time! It shows!” Nope, I don’t!

“You must never eat junk food!” That’s not true. I love home-baked cookies and gelato.

“Then what is it that keeps you so healthy?”

Genesis Gold®. It’s all I take and I eat what I want and keep active, but no more formal exercise. Unless you count dancing in the kitchen* 🙂

Genesis Gold® helps your body tell you what it needs. And it may need drastic lifestyle changes… or it may need a more gentle transformation. Either way, you’ll be naturally supported and not have to take a ton of supplements to stay well.*

The choice is yours. You CAN heal yourself by tapping into your genetic potential.

May your Hormones be in Harmony,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP
Intuitive Integrative Health

*Statements not evaluated by the FDA

About the Author - Deborah Maragopolous FNP

Known as the Hormone Queen®️, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone – no matter their age – balance their hormones, and live the energy and joy their DNA and true destiny desires. See more about me my story here…



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