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How to thrive in 2020

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As an Intuitive Integrative Nurse Practitioner, I do more than help my patients get their hormones in balance. When you’re hormones are out of whack, your whole life is out of whack. You can’t think straight. You’re moody. Your body aches. You can’t sleep. You’re tired. Yet from the holidays through the beginning of this new year, well, it’s been hard for a lot of people. So many are experiencing a resurgence of symptoms. I work on finding the root cause of my patient’s symptoms. And often it’s stress-related. So I do a lot of counseling. Let’s discuss how to thrive in 2020.

I consulted with a patient recently who said, “I thought 2020 was going to be better, but the chaos is not letting up. How am I ever going to get better?”

You’re going to learn to become the Calm in your life. In the midst of chaos, you will be the still point. You will learn to be present. You will notice the light even at the darkest hour. Like a child, you will find joy in the littlest things. That is the gift of this year. A grand practice field to master being our divine selves.

And in learning how to be the Calm in your life, your body will be able to heal. You will become less inflamed. Your hormones will come into better balance. You feel less and less stress in spite of what’s going on in the world around you. Your mind will be clearer. You will bloom like a flower through a crack in the sidewalk. There will be no keeping you from basking in the divine light.

And as I counseled her, I realized I was counseling myself.

Life hasn’t let up. And still, I rise.

I cannot wait any longer for things to get better. There is no “better”. My perception formed from past experiences and expectations no longer holds true in this new chaotic reality. The fairytale is over. It’s time to live in this present moment. And make the most out of what is.

In 2011, just after my 50th birthday, I dreamt of the end of the world. It was my first apocalyptic dream.

The dream opened with me hiding under mattresses – like I was in a dump – there was aircraft hovering above searching and I knew we had to stay hidden. Little girls’ voices drifted up through the mattresses, and I hushed them. We had to be quiet.

After the danger passed, I gathered the girls. There were a lot of them. All Latina children. They followed me through the devastated city. It looked like San Francisco but completely destroyed.

We arrived at a makeshift campsite in the middle of union square.

It was just Steve and me and all these little girls. He had rigged some solar panels and we had refrigeration and heat and shelter. He handed me a tiny plucked bird to cook to feed the children.

I shook my head, how was this pigeon-sized fowl going to feed so many. But I prepared the meal and turned to serve the girls. One little one picked at a tiny drumstick and tossed it over her shoulder half-eaten. A cat grabbed it. I told the child that there wasn’t enough to waste.

And she smiled and pointed behind me at the spit over the fire, “there’s always enough when you make it.” And the tiny fowl had grown to the size of an emu!

After our meal, the girls and I explored the ruined city. There were wildflowers sprouting through the cracks in the broken streets. The girls asked the names of the flowers and I didn’t know them. But I said, “it’s a new world now. You can name them whatever you wish.”

And I woke up.

When I was young I didn’t think I’d be hereafter 2011. I could always “see” my future and it all became what I dreamed. Except I couldn’t “see” me after 50. Now I realize that the shift in the energy that happened about seven years ago changed reality for me and I believe for all of us.

I know now that this dream prepared me for this time. There’s no more waiting to live. No more waiting to grow. No more waiting to fulfill my dreams. I’m creating my reality as I go.

And so are you.
So have fun. It’s a whole new world.

If you’re interested in my CALM meditation that I shared with my patient, you can get it here.

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