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How Dis-ease Mirrors Belief

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As my expertise grows, my patients become more challenging. A few years ago, I orchestrated the care of a patient with stage IV cancer. When her therapies overwhelmed her, we found solace communicating by email.

Early in our relationship, we shared this correspondence…

“Deborah, you have all these gifts in helping others, it’s truly remarkable to me. Your intuition is so perceptive and you seem to zoom in on what each person needs, whether it’s physical, spiritual or emotional. I’ve always wanted to go into psychotherapy and my hope and desire is that when I get well I’ll find a new path of helping others, too.

Right now I’m really trying to find that inner peace that comes with a heart-filled faith from God that everything is going to be fine. However, when I feel the enlarged lymph nodes it brings up that fear. I keep listening and watching “The Secret” and tell myself that this is something my body is capable of healing, but fear is an awful thing that keeps popping up. I begin questioning if I’m doing everything I can be doing to get well and then get stressed thinking about that. I pray that in the future when someone hears they have cancer it won’t have the implication that it does today. My dad used to say that cancer is not that different from a common cold. I try to hold onto that thought because when we get a cold we know our bodies will get better and we don’t worry about it other than the unpleasant symptoms.

As with the doctor you had lunch with, I think my emotions are so much more of why I’m not getting well. Even in writing you I get so tearful and I’m not even sure why.

It’s wonderful that you’ve found a way of reaching so many through your book. Do you have any ideas for your next book?

Thanks for listening … A”

I responded:

“Dear A,

I believe that there are really only two emotions–love and fear. Just as darkness is the absence of light, fear is the absence of love.

Fear is part of being human, the condition of feeling separate from God. Love is discovering Oneness with the Divine.

Dis-ease is fear embodied. It is doubt, negative thoughts, disbelief, wavering faith. It is an opportunity to learn.

Dis-ease is the body’s way of communicating for the soul. Cancer is a rejection of self.

For you, it began when your mother died and you wished you could be with her. When you believed you were only needed until your daughter grew up. Just like in The Secret, you manifested your beliefs. But just like in The Secret, you can form a new belief, fuel it with a great desire and manifest wellness.

The question is: What is your purpose?

I believe that all misfortune is FORTUNE unrecognized.

Cancer is a gift… a learning tool. You are taking the ultimate course in faith, and I believe you will graduate with honors.

After I started my own practice, my former medical assistant developed breast cancer and came to me for healing.

Together we had watched another of our colleagues succumb to breast cancer. My assistant wanted to know why she developed the cancer. I explained that the cancer was a gift… to start taking care of herself… to stop putting everyone else first at her expense… to love herself enough to be well. She survived, alive today doing great work counseling other breast cancer patients.

You can use this opportunity to build a rich life, be the therapist you always wanted to be. Perhaps helping others with your new insight is part of your purpose.

Everyone feels fear. I’m afraid that the message of healing in LoveDance may not be received due to its controversial nature, but that doesn’t stop me from putting it out there. I consciously try to release my fear by asking the Divine to lift it from my heart and fill me with Love. Try it and see how much lighter you feel 🙂

LoveDance is a trilogy… the three major steps on the path to enlightenment. So far what I have written about Mary has become manifest in my life. As she awakened in my story so did I. I’m anxious to begin the next phase, but also a little afraid… it’s normal, being human 🙂

May your Hormones be in Harmony,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP
Intuitive Integrative Health

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After hearing about this book I ordered it immediately and could hardly put it down while reading. It has been a wonderful journey. All my life have I felt a big connection to Maria Magdalena and this connection has been enhanced with this book. I find in myself many of the qualities of the Divine Daughter: dance, sexuality, seduction, innocence, strong connection within, inner wisdom and power and ability to see the best in people (I could go on). It is so lovely to have read your book and recognize and awake these qualities within myself. Marleen Renders

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