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Eliminate the underlying trigger of your Autoimmunity

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It’s important to find the deep underlying trigger for each individual’s autoimmune disorder. Interestingly enough, the trigger to autoimmune disease is different for everyone. Some autoimmune disorders are triggered by stress. Some by toxins and some by malnutrition.

A few by viruses or intracellular bacterium, too. Sometimes there are multiple causes that trigger an autoimmune response. Often people with one type of autoimmune disease will eventually develop other autoimmune disorders.

It takes some medical detective work to get to the root of autoimmunity.

Since each of my patients comes with a unique history, I must think out of the box to find what might be causing their autoimmune disorder.

Marsha had longstanding pernicious anemia. For 25 years, she worked long hours as a hairdresser. Beauticians are exposed to many damaging chemicals in their line of work. A mother and grandmother, Marsha got very little sleep, skipped meals, and was exhausted. At 48 years old, she had to have a stent placed in one of her coronary arteries. Her cardiologist could not figure out why Marsha – who’s not overweight, has low cholesterol, low blood sugar, and low blood pressure – had a nearly 90% blockage of a main coronary artery.

I suspected a form of autoimmune vasculitis.

She responded well to hypothalamic balancing and a novel therapy designed especially for her case. Yet the biggest factor in Marsha’s healing was learning to take care of herself.

The thymus lies in your heart chakra. Marsha was attacking herself – autoimmunity – which nearly led to a heart attack. Marsha was like the Tinman who needed a heart. She needed to love herself enough to take care of herself.

Since each of my patients comes with a unique history, I must think out of the box to find what might be causing their autoimmune disorder.

You see, most people are really good at taking care of others but not great at taking care of themselves. Especially mothers who tend to put their families’ needs over their own. They don’t eat properly, don’t make time to exercise or meditate or relax. They’re so busy taking care of everyone else that they get sick.

When you’re on an airplane getting ready to take off, the flight attendant reminds you to put on your oxygen mask before helping others put on theirs. We tend to forget this bit of wisdom. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you possibly take care of others?

Autoimmunity is the perfect reflection of not putting your oxygen mask on first.

And healing this complicated disorder is more than correcting the biochemical imbalances. A shift in attitude is necessary. The sabotaging self-talk must stop. And self-care must begin for healing to happen.

Guess who finally put herself first? Marsha decided to do something she always dreamed of doing. She became a flight attendant! Now she’s reminding others to put their oxygen mask on first!

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