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Hot Weather Workouts

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Trying to get in shape for the summer but it’s just too hot? Then check out my three essential tips to get the most benefit out of your hot weather workouts. All so you can keep in shape in-spite of the summer heat.

#1 Workout with Your Hypothalamus

Exercise raises your metabolism which then increases your core temperature. But your hypothalamus does not tolerate being overheated. It needs to keep you at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit for your body systems to function optimally. When you get too hot, your hypothalamus kicks into survival mode actually lowering your metabolism to protect sensitive biochemistry. It’ll do whatever it takes to reach a cooling homeostasis.

Workout first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. Plus early morning exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism. Doing HIT – high intensity training —just three days a week first thing in the morning will give you’re the biggest bang for your buck. You can do any exercise — running, cycling, rowing, kickboxing — as a HIT workout. In my Hormone Reboot Training, there’s a super effective under 20 minute HIT workout that’s proven to reverse insulin resistance, increase cardiopulmonary function, increase lean body mass, and help you lose body fat.

#2 Workout in Water

By far the best way to keep from overheating while you exercise in the summer is to do your workouts in water. You don’t have to be a swimmer to get an effective workout. Water aerobics either in a group led by an instructor or by yourself dancing in the water to music for at least thirty minutes is very effective yet cooling exercise.

Years ago, I ruptured my calf muscle training for a marathon. I was on crutches for six weeks. In order not lose my fitness level, I got myself an aquajogger, strapped it on and ran in a pool. I did interval training and long distance workouts using my same marathon training schedule. The resistance of the water was great physical therapy for my injury and better yet I didn’t lose any fitness. Plus I stayed cool. Beat the heat and stay fit by working out in the water!

#3 Workout in a Fridge

Forget hot yoga. The new trend is cold training. Ever since Rocky movies when he trained by tenderizing sides of beef in a meat freezer, cold training has been a popular way to toughen up and train at the same time. In the cold, your body can regulate its temperature a little better, meaning you can often exercise farther or longer, so you can burn more calories. Just contending with cold temperatures encourages your body to transform unsightly white fat—specifically belly fat—into calorie-burning “brown fat.” Workout studios are starting to join the cold-temperature fitness trend by lowering the AC to 45-60 degrees for high intensity classes. This is perfect for your hypothalamus which will turn up your metabolism to keep your core temperature up while you workout in the freezing cold!

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