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Natural Remedies for Thyroid Induced Weight Gain

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If you want to know how your thyroid contributes to weight gain then this video is for you:

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If you follow these three easy Hormone Healing steps, you’re going to HELP balance your thyroid and raise your metabolism so you can lose that body fat.


Your thyroid controls your metabolism meaning how fast you burn energy. The faster your metabolism is the more you can eat and still stay thin. Your thyroid needs iodine-rich foods to make enough thyroid hormone – T4 – which contains four iodine molecules. So eat lots of sea vegetation – kelp, dulse, those yummy green sushi wrappers. Seafood like fish and shellfish are also rich in iodine. Eggs, yogurt, and cheese provide iodine too to help your thyroid produce enough thyroid hormone to raise your metabolism.


Now your thyroid hormone – T4 must be converted to T3 which is the active thyroid hormone. It’s T3 that gets actually gets into your cells and tells your mitochondria to produce energy. Your mitochondria are like tiny little power engines that convert oxygen and glucose into energy. And T3 is the switch that turns on your engines. When you exercise early in the day – before noon – you prime your mitochondrial engines by stimulating more T3 conversion to burn energy all day long. Remember fat is just stored energy. So the hotter your engines are, the more fat energy you burn.


Like most of your endocrine glands, your thyroid produces metabolism-boosting hormones only if your hypothalamus tells it to. Your hypothalamus controls all your hormones and must balance its resources to best regulate your Thyroid and your Adrenals, your reproductive system, in fact, all of your hormones. If you give your hypothalamus what it needs to do its job at orchestrating your entire symphony of hormones, then your Hormones stay in Harmony and you have a fast, fit metabolism, lean with lots of energy. Getting enough sleep and exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet, and supplementing with phytonutrient-rich Genesis Gold® will help keep Your Hormones in Harmony.

Now you know how your thyroid affects your weight yet it’s not easy to lose that fat if the rest of your hormones are out of balance. So I created the Hormone Reboot Training for you to discover how to balance your thyroid and all your hormones naturally. It’s free! Just click the link in the description below the video!

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