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The Gift of Menopause

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Oh, yes, there are many gifts of going through the change. I’m not just talking about no longer fussing over periods or worrying about getting pregnant. I’m talking about soul gifts. The gift of menopause!

It’s the challenge of our shifting hormones that becomes the fuel for our transformation. In menopause, we become the embodiment of wisdom. No longer bleeding out our wisdom every month, we retain our life lessons and experience, allowing them to ferment into an amazing elixir that we may share with others. We become the wise sages we once sought.

Our dreams are richer, our appreciation is deeper. Our love is fathomless.

And how precious it becomes to witness our childhood lessons come to fruition.

Like how my truth emerged when I was just a little girl playing Barbies with my sisters.

Each birthday or Christmas, we would ask for a Barbie implement to share—the Malibu beach condo, the cool Barbie camper, a huge Barbie house complete with skididdle kiddles for babies, and my absolute favorite—Breyer Horses! Well, the youngest took over the condo, and the Malibu Ken, one twin claimed the camper while the other got the big house and the babies. I got the horse. Since shoes didn’t stay on Barbie while astride her Arabian stallion and the youngest sister was a clothes hog, well, I played Naked Barbie on a Breyer Horse.

Are we always the same from childhood to adulthood?

The patterns run strong in my family. The youngest married well and lives a “Malibu” life. Our camper twin has traveled the world and never really settled down. The other twin raised four daughters in a big house. I’ve had horses most of my adult life.

And I live “naked”… baring my soul as part of my healing work.

Right as I was entering menopause before my 50th Birthday, I had a vision. During a guided meditation in my women’s circle, I saw myself being born from the heart of the earth. A golden woman on a blood-red horse with amethyst wings furled on her back. The embodiment of my Higher Self.

So as a gift to myself with the guidance of my dear friend, a retired art teacher, I cast my vision into clay. Here she is. I call her Ascension.

Ascension sculpture

The gift of going through menopause is that I am finally a living embodiment of decades of soul work.

I am no longer Naked Barbie on Breyer Horse. I have wings! Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon after a lifetime of being like a caterpillar, I am transformed.

In July 2019, I became a grandmother. Something shifted again for me. I began truly living in Presence. I’ve been teaching how to be in the moment. Practicing it – like daily exercise – yet Presence wasn’t truly who I am – until I held my granddaughter. And for the first time, there was only this moment. No fussing about the past. No worry for the future. Just experiencing the Now – so fully that frankly, it takes my breath away.

And some five months later, I’m still being present nearly 24 hours a day. In fact, when worry does come up it feels so foreign… so out of tune with the new luscious vibration of Presence. Not that my life has been all ice cream and lollipops since my granddaughter’s birth, really it’s been very hectic both personally and professionally – yet I’m different. I’m finding joy in each and every moment. Experiencing peace in the midst of chaos. Feeling passion about simple things – even writing this blog…

Presence feels so much more authentic than any other state of existence I’ve known in the last 58 years.

And, I believe it’s one of the gifts of menopause.

What gifts have you found in menopause?

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    Hi I really want to try your product I am a small business person like you and I was closed for 2 1/2 months, I am post menopausal
    Thank you

  2. Linda Miramontes Gray

    I see the glow of The rich vibrancy of Deborah’s choices and commitments to Joy andPresence.


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