So what is The Pause?

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Menopause is when a woman stops having periods.

Andropause is when a man’s testosterone levels drop.

The average age of menopause is 51. Andropause is later.

But the five to ten years prior to the pause, your hormones are declining. Not just your sex hormones – all your hormones. Women usually notice the changes. Men are just beginning to realize that their health issues may be related to their hormones.

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As early as the mid 30’s you experience a significant decline in adrenal function. Remember the adrenals need progesterone to make the stress hormone cortisol. So the stress of living our fast-paced lives affects our hormones drastically. And yes, men make progesterone too, just not as much as women.

By age 40, most women have an 80% decline in progesterone levels.

As progesterone declines, estrogen becomes dominant, leading to PMS, heavier periods, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, anxiety, and depression. In their fourth decade, most men have a 25% decrease in their testosterone levels.

By age 50, most women have a 50% decline in estrogen levels.

Low estrogen leads to loss of bone, hair, and nails, dry skin, mouth, eyes and vagina, less collagen formation leading to wrinkles and loss of bladder control, plus memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, constipation and insomnia.

When estrogen first drops, more testosterone is left unbound which increases androgenic effects like acne and unwanted hair growth. But after menopause, most women experience a significant decrease in testosterone levels leading to bone and muscle loss, lack of motivation, and low libido.

In their fifth decade, most men experience a 50% drop in their testosterone levels. Muscle is harder to build. Your waistline thickens. Cholesterol levels rise. Your blood pressure may follow. You become anxious, less sure of yourself and have trouble sleeping. You have less energy. You’ll have to work way harder than ever to keep up with the younger guys in the gym, at work, in the bedroom.

You want your mojo back. And you want it now!

Supporting your hypothalamus through the pause can help you age much more gracefully!

“I was sweating. A lot. I was unable to sleep through the night and had a bloated stomach. Weighed almost 170 lbs. I was an out-of-control bitch. My doctor insisted I was too young for menopause but I begged for blood work to be sure and the results showed I was in full-blown menopause at age 46. I started seeing Deborah who did a full examination, including extensive blood and stool evaluation.

She inquired about my daily habits, my work life, my sex life, and my spiritual life. I was started on a rather intense regimen of supplements, including her fabulous Genesis Gold®, and topical hormones. The supplements were gradually decreased as my body responded. I am still taking Genesis Gold® and topical hormones. Today, at age 55, I look 15 years younger, weigh 128 lbs, do not sweat, sleep beautifully, and have a healthy sex drive and ability to fully enjoy my life with an energy others cannot believe. I am a devoted patient and have recommended her services to many others. Worth every single penny.”

– Deirdre Frank, Attorney. Oxnard, CA

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Research: Menopause and the Human Hypothalamus: Evidence for the Role of Kisspeptin/Neurokinin B Neurons in the Regulation of Estrogen Negative Feedback

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