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The Best Supplements to Balance Hormones

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If you know that your hormones are out of balance, you may reach for over-the-counter remedies to try to remedy the situation – supplements to balance hormones.

If this is the case, then you know as well as I do that there’s a lot to choose from out there: estrogenic herbs, progestational herbs, androgenic herbs, adaptogens to support adrenal function, herbs and nutrients to support thyroid function.

So, the question remains: what are the best supplements to balance hormones?

One common problem that many encounter is, unless you know exactly what you’re doing and what is out of balance in your body, and you’re constantly checking on that imbalance, you can throw yourself into a greater imbalance by taking the wrong supplements.

This is because all of your hormones work together, so taking a supplement to support only ONE type of hormone is going to be problematic. Each individual hormone has a counterbalancing partner hormone, so estrogen partners with progesterone, cortisol partners with DHEA, T4 with T3, melatonin with prolactin. Plus, each of these hormone partners depend on the proper functioning of the other hormones your endocrine glands make.

So it’s important that you’re balancing your hormones with nutritional supplements in a holistic way. I created Genesis Gold® because I couldn’t find any supplements on the market for my patients that would help to keep their hormones in balance on a long-term basis. I wanted to make a supplement they didn’t have to think about, or constantly have to adjust so that it wouldn’t disturb other hormones, their immune system, or their neurotransmitters. 

Genesis Gold® provides the hypothalamus with all of the appropriate micronutrients necessary to keep ALL hormones in balance – thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic, pituitary, pineal and sex steroids. 

With Genesis Gold®, your hypothalamus is able to do the job that it needs to do to keep your hormones in balance day in and day out, through life stressors and hormonal transitions like perimenopause. The difference between Genesis Gold® and other green drinks and herbal blends is that Genesis Gold® has Sacred Seven amino acids, specially designed for hypothalamic balance. Genesis Gold’s® special herbal blends and whole plant foods are formulated to provide the micronutrients necessary to improve receptor site activity for all of your different hormones, as well as help your cells and body detoxify your hormones. In the most severe cases of hormone imbalance, taking extra Sacred Seven with your Genesis Gold® may be necessary to give your hypothalamus maximum levels of support.

If you have any questions regarding how to keep your hormones in balance with nutritional supplements, I’d love for you to join me in our Hormone Support Group, which you can access through my free Hormone Reboot Training.

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