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How to Heal Your Hypothalamus Gland

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Your hypothalamus is a small gland in your brain weighing about four grams. It sits right above your brainstem and it directs all of your vital systems. Your hypothalamus maintains homeostasis in your body and directs all your hormones. It directs your immune function and your neurotransmitters. Because your hypothalamus gland is so vital to every system in your body, it’s super important that it gets the support it needs. 

Since there are no medications that treat hypothalamic dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy is often prescribed since your hypothalamus is not directing your lower endocrine glands. HRT can provide some relief from your symptoms but it’s not going to change how your hypothalamus functions. And if you take what your body should be making, you actually shut down the negative feedback system. So eventually you become dependent on exogenous hormones.  

So it’s best to treat your hypothalamus centrally so that you have what you need in order to heal and produce your own hormones. Nutritional hypothalamus support is by far the most effective at healing your hypothalamus. 

But first, let’s talk about lifestyle changes that you can make that will make a big difference in healing your hypothalamus.

Here are the top six things you need to heal your hypothalamus:

#6 Sleep.

I know that’s hard because your hypothalamus regulates your circadian rhythms and your sleep cycles, but if you have poor sleep hygiene, you’re not going to be able to get good deep sleep. You need to stop looking at any digital screens after dark. Turn off all the lights at night. Make sure your bedroom is not too hot. The best sleep temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Doing what you can to get the best sleep is super important to heal your hypothalamus. 

#5 Be active, not sedentary.

Good sleep requires enough activity during the day. And exercise actually has been found to help regulate hypothalamic pathways. Being sedentary actually increases inflammatory markers and puts your hypothalamus at risk. So healing your hypothalamus requires that you be active, that you get up and walk and move. And that you exercise regularly. Both aerobic exercises as well as weight resistance exercise is important for your hypothalamus to regulate growth factors as well as inflammatory markers. 

#4 Reduce stress.

Since you can’t control all your stressors, you must learn to control your stress response. Because your hypothalamus gets terribly dysregulated and when you’re constantly under stress. Learning and practicing stress reduction techniques like deep breathing and meditation can make a big difference in healing your hypothalamus. 

#3 Lower your toxic exposures.

Exposing yourself to toxins in your environment can actually harm your hypothalamus. That’s because your hypothalamus is not protected by the blood-brain barrier. So it gets exposed to everything you’ve exposed yourself to – like  PCBs from plastic, endocrine disrupters from pesticides and herbicides, as well as chemicals in building materials, and artificial hormones in foods. It’s important to eat a healthy organic diet and try to stay as toxin-free as possible to support healthy hypothalamic functioning. 

#2 Get adequate nutrition. 

Eating to support your optimal hypothalamus function is key. Your hypothalamus is best fed on a plant-based diet Mediterranean diet which provides healthy fats, adequate protein, and lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. But you can’t always get all the nutrition you need for optimal hypothalamus functioning. 

And the #1 thing you can do to heal your hypothalamus is to give it specific nutritional support.

While there’s glandulars in the market, they can’t be taken for a very long period of time or your body treats them as a toxin. Plus glandulars do not provide the hypothalamus with all the nutrients necessary for optimal functioning. 

That’s why I formulated Genesis Gold®️. Genesis Gold®️ is a complete hypothalamic nutritional support with phytonutrients from whole plant foods and herbs that support optimal hypothalamus function. At the heart of Genesis Gold®️ is a special blend of amino acids designed to optimize hypothalamus functioning. 

Healing your hypothalamus takes at least 90 days longer if you’ve been sick longer than a few years. So, you want to be sure that you’re supporting your hypothalamus for as long as it takes to heal fully. And then continue supporting your hypothalamus especially if you’re in a stressful toxic environment and if you’re not able to eat a variety of organic plant-based foods.

I found that even with a very pristine plant-based Mediterranean diet, it is still difficult to get all the nutrients necessary for optimal hypothalamic functioning. So my patients and I continue to take Genesis Gold®️ for continual hypothalamus support. 

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