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Psst… It’s Not Your Imagination. It’s Menopause.

The change of life is a hormonal roller coaster. It’s like puberty but with wrinkles. If you’re going through menopause, you know what I mean.

What if there was a way to reduce hot flashes, sleep through the night and lose belly fat without taking hormones or handfuls of pills? Are you ready to take action and start living your best life?

Don’t just band-aid your symptoms. Get healthy with Genesis Gold®.

Where Are You on the Menopausal Rollercoaster?

Are You Experiencing the Rapid Up and Down Stage of Perimenopause?

Perhaps you’ve finally had your last period and you’re plunging down the steep slope of no sex drive, memory loss, and wrinkles, and you’re wondering where did this roll of fat around your middle come from and why can’t you get rid of it?

We all go through the change. It’s rarely a smooth transition. In fact, 90% of women have significant and uncomfortable symptoms.

Case Study

Maybe You’re Like Mary

She’s up at 3 am soaked from another night sweat with her heart racing, skipping beats, wondering if she’s having a heart attack. She’s too bone tired to do anything more than strip off her soaked nightgown. She can’t remember the last time she slept through the night. In fact, Mary’s having trouble remembering a lot of things. Like the name of her coworker earlier in the day. She even missed her granddaughter’s birthday.

Listening to her husband snore loudly, she thinks how the heck can he sleep when she’s burning up her side of the bed? Not that she’s ventured over to his cool, dry side of the bed. Mary can’t remember when they last had sex. She has no interest. And frankly she doesn’t feel sexy, she just feels fat. When Mary looks in the mirror, she doesn’t recognize herself anymore. Her waist is now thick, and her breasts are huge and painful. Besides, her vagina’s so dry, it feels like the Sahara Desert and it’s going to crack.

That’s not the only part of her body that feels dry. Mary’s skin is like crepe paper, wrinkled and sagging. And now her hair’s thinning. She wonders if she’ll be totally bald before menopause is over! Except of course for her crazy chin whiskers.

She feels she’s losing herself.

She’s just so tired. She never has enough energy to get anything done anymore – dishes in the sink, unfinished projects at work, bills are late. The worst part is – Mary’s too tired to play with her grandchildren, and she wonders if this is the way life is always going to be from now on?

Have you wondered the same thing? Have you thought, this is it. This is the new normal. This is what life becomes for women as they age.

Menopause doesn’t have to be like this.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. Not for you. Not for any woman who is committed to getting to the very heart of what is happening to her body and take back control!

Case Study

Let Me Tell You About My Patient Judy

Judy sleeps through the night. She’s lost all that perimenopausal pudge without a crazy diet or exercise routine.

Judy’s mind is still sharp, her energy level is great, and she even recently was offered a promotion, and was confident enough to negotiate lots of time to travel with her husband – how many honeymoons can a couple have? She has more than enough energy to play with her three grandkids. At 56, Judy is living her best life.

Who Will You Choose to Be, Judy or Mary?

Who do you feel best represents you right now? Do you feel more like you’re Mary, struggling through the change and unsure if you’ll ever feel “normal” again? Or, do you hope to feel like Judy, but worry that might never be you again?

It’s hard to imagine, I know many of my patients were skeptical at first, but hopeful enough they trusted me to guide them through this period of their life. They’ve never regretted that decision.

Real Stories. Real People.

The Healing Benefits of Genesis Gold®

I have been taking Genesis Gold® for 6 months, and I have experienced initially an increase in my energy

It cleared my foggy thinking, hot flashes were gone, but the big thing was it helped me with emotional stress. I also noticed my blood sugar stayed maintained. I have experienced a lot of pluses with Genesis Gold®! I have recommended Genesis Gold® to other people because I have taken a lot of supplements on my own healing path, but never felt the fast results that I have with Genesis Gold®, plus it’s one simple easy dose!

– Brenda, Colorado

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for creating your products.

I ordered Genesis Gold® about a month ago and have been able to deal with hot weather and hot workout room conditions without any anxiety attacks and dizziness, since I started last month. We’ve also had high 80s and 90 degrees for the past few days and I have felt fine all day! No hot dry flashes at night, except maybe mild ones but only twice a while ago. Love what the herbs and aminos are doing for my body, thank you!

– Arlene, Hawaii

I was sweating. A lot. I was unable to sleep through the night.

I had a bloated stomach. I weighed almost 170 lbs.  I was an out of control bitch. My doctor insisted I was too young for menopause but I begged for blood work to be sure and the results showed I was in full blown menopause at age 46.  I started taking Genesis Gold®. Today, at age 55, I look 15 years younger, weigh 128 lbs, do not sweat, sleep beautifully, and have a healthy sex drive and ability to fully enjoy my life with an energy others cannot believe.  Worth every single penny.

– Deirdre, California

I know it’s Hard to Get the Right Answers.

It’s very possible that this isn’t your first attempt to find a solution to what can feel like a curse.

You’ve searched to find the right supplements.

Maybe you’ve tried to get your health care provider to prescribe hormones.

Yet, if you’re anything like the women I treated before finding my own personal solution, you spent time constantly adjusting your dosages and popping pills to deal with the side effects, and feeling like it’s a never ending battle – that you’re losing!

Menopause is a natural part of life. Why does it have to be so difficult?

Women going through menopause today are way more stressed than their mothers. Most menopausal women are working. Some have children that still depend on them. Some are dealing with aging parents that also depend on them. Few have the support they need at home. And many struggle with their health care providers to even recognize that their mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, and weight gain are all related to the hormonal menopause rollercoaster. So they suffer for months. Sometimes years. It’s a shame and a waste of your best years.

You’ll Think I’m Crazy But

Menopause can be the best time of your life!

What if I told you that you could have enough energy to do everything you need and want to do?

What if you could finally sleep through the night, without night sweats?

What if you had a sex drive again? How would that change your relationship with your partner?

What if you no longer suffer with aches and pains?

What if you could think clearly again and remember things?

What if you felt happy, youthful even?

Is it even possible to feel like that again?

Yes, I know it is.

Take Judy and Mary. Judy is thriving in menopause. Mary is barely surviving.

The only difference between Judy and Mary is… Judy is supporting her hypothalamus. Mary isn’t.

Have You Heard of the Hypothalamus?

Why Is The Hypothalamus Important?

Your hypothalamus is literally the boss of your entire body. It controls all of your hormones. Your energy. Your moods. Your memory. Your body temperature. Your weight. Your sleep. There’s no vital system in your body that your hypothalamus doesn’t control.

When you go through the change of life and your ovaries are no longer making enough hormones – estrogen and progesterone – your hypothalamus gets out of balance and…

  • You have hot flashes.
  • You can’t sleep through the night.
  • Your sex drive disappears.
  • Your skin starts to sag.
  • Your vagina dries up.
  • Your hair thins.
  • Your body aches.
  • You lose bone and muscle mass.
  • You become weaker and fatter because your metabolism drops and everything you eat gets stored as body fat.

That is – unless you support your hypothalamus.

You Can’t Avoid Going Through Menopause

But You Can Make it Easier by Supporting Your Hypothalamus

Your hypothalamus needs specific nutrients to do its job. Like a unique blend of specific amino acids formulated to support optimal hypothalamus function. Like a rich array of phytonutrients from sea vegetation and sprouted whole plant foods to optimize hormone metabolism and function. Like a special herbal blend designed to increase your longevity and protect your cells. Plus phytonutrients to improve menopausal digestion and detoxification.

Intuitive Integrative Nurse Practitioner

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

Hi I’m Deborah Maragopoulos FNP. I’m an integrative family nurse practitioner with over thirty years experience treating hormonally challenged women just like you.

In fact, my patients call me The Hormone Queen® yet when I was going through the change, even I didn’t realize how much my hormonal mood swings, lack of sleep, and brain fog was affecting everyone around me. Until my husband sat me down and said, if you were your own patient, wouldn’t you offer her some help?

My answer, of course, was a resounding yes.

Read More about Deborah’s Story >

Let’s Talk About Genesis Gold®

How Does Genesis Gold® Work?

I was tired of giving my patients bandaid therapies. I discovered that if I supported their hypothalamus, they could transition gracefully through the change of life.

With the help of Genesis Gold®, menopause is so much easier. You’ll have more energy. More motivation. A sex drive. Your body will stay strong and healthy. You’ll sleep deeply. You’ll handle stress with so much more ease. You’ll live your best life.

Isn’t that exactly what you’ve been searching for?

At the heart of Genesis Gold® is a unique blend of amino acids specially formulated to support your hypothalamus. And since your hypothalamus controls your rate of aging, taking Genesis Gold® can help you age much more gracefully. Some of my patients look and feel 10-15 years younger. And now you have access to the same formula that has helped hundreds of women thrive through menopause.

Do You Know

The Hypothalamus Controls How You Experience Menopause?

Click any of the tiles below to learn more!

Menopause = Hypothalamic Dysfunction

When your hypothalamus is functioning as it should your body functions as it should, but studies prove that neurons in the hypothalamus that control weight, temperature, moods, and sleep are dysfunctional in menopause (1). Genesis Gold® provides hypothalamic nutrients needed to correct menopausal neuron dysfunction. It provides your hypothalamus with exactly what it needs to start functioning optimally again!

A healthy hypothalamus is just the beginning though. I also included in the Genesis Gold® formula wild harvested sea vegetation and sprouted plants rich in phytonutrients to help your body heal faster, detox and metabolize hormones safely. Because even if you’re not taking HRT, your adrenals still make some sex hormones. And if you don’t metabolize your hormones properly, you may be at risk for hormone induced cancers.

Your Hypothalamus Controls Hot Flashes

Hot flushes usually last for four or five years and occur in up to 80 percent of women. Research on menopausal women has identified key KNDy neurons in the hypothalamus that regulate temperature. (2) Genesis Gold® helps heal hypothalamic KNDy neurons to provide relief from hot flashes and night sweats.

While there are no hormones in Genesis Gold®. Each natural ingredient was specifically chosen to:

  • Increase your cells’ receptor site activity so fewer hormones are more effective.
  • Improve your hormone metabolism and detoxification so it’s safe.
  • Support co-hormones like thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, and insulin which are backup players to your sex hormones.
  • Most importantly - balance your hypothalamus which is the maestro of your entire symphony of hormones.

Menopausal Weight Gain Is Controlled By Your Hypothalamus

Studies suggest that developmental abnormalities in specific hypothalamic circuits can lead to obesity, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities. (3) Since 2000, patients using Genesis Gold® consistently note deeper sleep, less anxiety and depression, improved memory and learning, as well as the healthy reset of body weight. Menopausal women taking Genesis Gold® notice an increase in lean body mass (bone and muscle) and a decrease in body fat.

Best of all Genesis Gold® can replace handfuls of supplements! It’s easy. Just one delicious drink a day.

Your Hypothalamus Controls How Fast You Age.

Research shows that the hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus controls the rate of aging (4). By nutritionally supporting the hypothalamus, Genesis Gold® helps slow aging.

Best of all Genesis Gold® Can Replace Handfuls of Supplements!

It’s Easy. Just One Delicious Drink a Day.

In the first few weeks of taking Genesis Gold®, you’ll likely begin to experience an increase in energy, deeper sleep, fewer hot flashes, and a happier mood.

I always remind my patients though that healing the root of your hormonal imbalance – your hypothalamus- takes time. You’ll begin to feel subtle changes within your body, but as you continue to support your hypothalamus the healing effects take over and you’ll start to feel like your former, younger, self!

The Power of Genesis Gold®

Clinically Proven On Real Women

Since 2003, hundreds of women have eased their transition through menopause with Genesis Gold®. Within two months of use, over 90% of women reported significantly less night sweats and hot flashes, slept longer and deeper with more dream recall, improved memory and focus with less brain fog, more stable moods and better ability to handle stress, with increased libido and motivation.

So how can Genesis Gold® do all of this? Because it’s focused hypothalamic support and menopause is the ultimate disrupter of hypothalamic function. There is no other nutraceutical that provides full support to your hypothalamus. And that’s the key to thriving in menopause and living your best life!

Genesis Gold® has been a game changer for me.

I’m in the healing arts and live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Once I started going through menopause, I knew I needed more to support my hypothalamus. With Genesis Gold®, no more puffiness and weight gain, no more hot flashes. I feel juicy and vibrant with the simple routine of drinking Genesis Gold® every morning. With Genesis Gold® I’m now the most awesome version of myself. Thank you for creating Genesis Gold®!

– Wendy, Illinois

Genesis Gold® is really working good for me right now.

I have more energy, better concentration, dreams are coming back, overall feeling better. I have a thyroid problem and also had a total hysterectomy at 41 so this is really helping my hormones a lot. Thank you so much!

– Kathy, California

Fatigue and foggy thinking of menopause are no more, thanks to Genesis Gold®.

I have no stomach acid, cannot digest protein or fats, and was literally starving to death. Genesis Gold® is saving my life. My hair and nails are growing back. I’m sleeping. I’m alert, I’m working, and ALIVE! I continue to use the product because it’s so good for the body.

– Carrie, California

Keep an Eye Out For

Menopausal Symptoms Your Hypothalamus Controls

Insomnia and Early Awakening • Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Chills • Weight Gain • Loss of Sex Drive • Dizziness • Mood Swings – Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, Panic Attacks • Fatigue & Low Energy • Irregular Heart Beat • Memory Loss, Inability to Concentrate, Brain Fog • Irregular Bleeding • Breast Tenderness • Joint and Muscle Pain • Hair Loss and Thinning Hair • Itchy Crawling Skin • Body Odor • Facial Hair • Dry Skin, Dry Eyes, Dry Vagina • Saggy Skin & Wrinkles • Bone Loss • Loss of Muscle Tone • Dental Problems • Burning Mouth • Allergies • Rapid Aging • Frequent Urination and Incontinence • Bloating and Digestive Issues • Electric Shock Sensations and Tingling Extremities

Your Hypothalamus Controls all the Vital Systems of Your Body

This includes your nervous system, your immune system and all your hormones. Your hypothalamus plays a vital role in the orchestration of the symphony of hormones. Hormones sing to your DNA and your DNA dances accordingly. If you’re not healthy, you’re out of tune. So rather than tune every gland that produces hormones, why not focus on the maestro. Why not balance your hypothalamus?

It’s unlikely your doctor has ever mentioned your hypothalamus. That’s because even though your hypothalamus is the boss of your entire body, there’s no way to measure its function. You have to be practically a medical detective with extensive experience in neuro-immune-endocrinology to recognize the problem. Miscommunication is really the cause of all the symptoms of menopause. Correct the miscommunication between your hypothalamus and the rest of your body, and you’ll heal your body and eliminate the symptoms.

Genesis Gold - New Bag
Gain Control Back Over Your Life

It’s Time for Genesis Gold®

Only Genesis Gold® has been developed to heal your hypothalamus and improve biochemical communication.

Genesis Gold® provides all natural support to the boss of your body so you can live your best life even while going through menopause.

Real Stories. Real People.

Having taken Genesis Gold® consistently for the past 2 years,

I have experienced major improvements in my overall health. My energy level is higher which has enabled me to get on an exercise program. This has allowed me to have great success with weight loss. My hormones are balanced, my blood work, attitude, appearance all reflect these changes. These improvements have made me a happier and healthier person. I have surpassed personal goals that I only dreamed of reaching. I feel a sense of contentment and a peace of mind that I never want to lose. Genesis Gold®, under the care and direction of Deborah, have brought me so far, I cannot imagine being without either of them. – Toni, California

The Breakdown

The Ingredients of Genesis Gold®

Genesis Gold® is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and tastes great! Each and every natural ingredient in Genesis Gold® is tested for quality and purity and blended with precision in a FDA and GMP registered facility.

Balance Your Hypothalamus and Your Hormones

with a proprietary blend of Sacred Seven® amino acids – nowhere else will you find this precise blend of plant derived amino acids created to support your hypothalamus and keep your Hormones in Harmony® – which means your brain is back, your moods are stable and happy, your energy is abundant, you sleep like a baby, and stress – well, it just doesn’t take a toll on you the same way anymore.

Promote Your Longevity with Graceful Aging

with herbal superstars fennel, flax, royal jelly, maca, ashwagandha, licorice root, lemon peel, and fo ti. Each are specifically chosen to improve your hormone receptor sites and enhance collagen production to improve skin texture and strengthen your lean body mass so you look and feel young and healthy.

Support Your Healthy Metabolism

with five types of super nutrient dense sea vegetation to optimize cellular health and metabolism plus ancient grain sprouts to help enhance mitochondrial energy production, telomere lengthening (AKA age reducing) grape seed extract, antioxidant rich pomegranate seeds, and broccoli sprouts rich in DIM to improve safe estrogen metabolism in your body.

Protect Your Cells

with these powerful mushroom and herbal extracts- maitake, reishi, pau d’arco, suma, turmeric, garlic, olive leaf, astragalus. Each are specially chosen to help your immune system protect you against infection and cancer while helping to stabilize your over sensitive menopausal immune system.

Optimize Your Digestion and Detoxification

with both prebiotic artichoke and a healthy variety of beneficial probiotics, plus ginger, betaine, apple cider vinegar, and enzymes to help improve your menopausal digestion and absorption of nutrients. Beet root and sunflower lecithin are included to also improve your liver detoxification.

Real Stories. Real People.

My tired/sad/grumpy now-menopausal self has been on a 25+ year crusade to locate the magic supplement to feel better.

Until I found Genesis Gold®, mostly what I did was spend a lot of money for no results. Not only did this stuff deliver the hoped-for increase in energy and improvement in other areas (digestion, sleep, weight management, etc), I did not expect to end up in such a different place mentally, too. I had no idea that Genesis Gold® would cause this change in my mindset. It has been wonderful – and easy. Not something I needed to study, or work at or struggle with. It just feels “right”. People treat me differently, though the only difference I really can tell is there’s been a shift – concerning how much power I’m allowing others to have over how I feel about myself.

I know this sounds like a fluffy miracle testimonial, but after having spent all those years and $$$$ on supplements-du-jour that did nothing, I expected this one to be no different. No chance of a placebo effect with this gal! If anything, I’m the opposite; slow to attribute improvements to anything but coincidence. Genesis Gold® is the real deal. Now, instead of just slogging through all the maladies that accompany getting older, I can better focus on living my life. – Gina, Indiana

Have You Ever Thought

Do I Really Have To Take All These Pills?

Unfortunately, that’s what it’ll take to address your symptoms and support all of your body’s systems to even get close to what Genesis Gold® can do for you. Even with this huge basketful of supplements you still won’t be supporting your hypothalamus.

I’ve done the work for you by gathering each pure vital ingredient from around the world and perfectly blending it into every bag of Genesis Gold®. No more handful of pills to swallow or creams to slather on your body, just all one delicious green drink a day. That’s it. For less than the cost of a fancy coffee drink…

Without Genesis Gold®, you’ll scour the internet and spend thousands trying to get the healing results; some of the ingredients you won’t find, like the Hypothalamic proprietary blend of amino acids. But healing your hypothalamus is what it takes to get well.

Science explains it. My patients’ experience supports it. And now you can experience it for yourself.

Now is the time to invest in your health and take your life back!

Experience a Better You with Genesis Gold® Today!

Genesis Gold - New Bag




Includes 90 days of support to give your hypothalamus the time it needs to balance your hormones.

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The Power of Genesis Gold®

Bonuses When You Purchase the Best Deal

Receive all of these bonuses when you purchase 3 bags of Genesis Gold® in one purchase.

harmones in harmony book

Hormones in Harmony® Book

This is not an ebook, but an actual autographed copy of the bestselling Hormones in Harmony® book to help guide you through this transition (plus you’ll get great ideas about how to help your spouse, family, and friends- because you know, as women we love to take care of others).

harmones in harmony book

Hormone Support Group Membership

Join our Hormone Support Group for FREE. This is your private online support group where I help women just like you get their lives back. It takes a circle of supportive women to help you transition gracefully through menopause. This is your group!

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Hormone Reboot Training Program

Receive expert guidance on how to navigate the changes you’re experiencing, emotionally, mentally and physically. You’ll have access to my most effective food plan and recommendations, exercises and meditations to help keep you fit and stay sane during menopause.

This Time Will Be Different

The “You Succeed!” Guarantee – What If All Your Doctors Did This?

I guarantee that if you take Genesis Gold® for 90 days, track your progress and report in every 30 days, you’ll not only feel the difference… you’ll notice measurable, life-altering improvements on your most frustrating symptom (even if you haven’t seen improvement in years!).

Whether it’s sleep, hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, low libido, brain fog, moodiness, aching all over, you’ll notice a return to wellness.

And if for some reason you don’t see at least a “3-point” improvement on a “10-point” scale, then at the end of 90 days I’ll send you a FREE bag of Genesis Gold® (worth $150 + free shipping and handling) AND I’ll work with you to discover what changes need to be made so you absolutely, 100% see results.

Genesis Gold - New Bag

Menopause can be an amazing phase in your life.

Why not make it the best time of your life with Genesis Gold®?

1. Menopause and the Human Hypothalamus: Evidence for the Role of Kisspeptin/Neurokinin B Neurons in the Regulation of Estrogen Negative Feedback
Naomi E. Rance Peptides, January 2009

2. Role for kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin (KNDy) neurons in cutaneous vasodilatation and the estrogen modulation of body temperature
Melinda A. Mittelman-Smith, Hemalini Williams, Sally J. Krajewski-Hall, Nathaniel T. McMullen, and Naomi E. Rance
PNAS November 27, 2012

3. Role of developmental factors in hypothalamic function
Jakob Biran, Maayan Tahor, […], and Gil Levkowitz Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 2015

4. Aging and the hypothalamus: research perspectives.
Bernardis LL, et al. Physiol Behav. 1996.

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