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The Hormone Healing Circle

A Full Year Of Integrative Support To Heal Your Hormones At The Root Level So You Can Live A Life Of Balance, Health & Vitality!

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The Hormone Healing Circle is the only online community that intimately supports your healing at all levels, so no matter where you are on your healing path, no matter what your hormonal challenges are, you can finally achieve full spectrum healing – body, mind, and soul.

1 Year of Hormone Healing Circle

You’ll transform your wellbeing no matter where you are right now on your healing path and you will make changes that will last a lifetime.

Full Online Program

(Value: $1,997)

You’ll have all the tools you need to reach your health goals, partner with your health care provider to get the best holistic care so you get your life back and become your best self.

2 Monthly Group Calls with Deborah, “The Hormone Queen”

(Value: $12,000)

You’ll get access not only to my exclusive learning modules, but also to LIVE calls with me (Deborah Maragopoulos FNP) where I’ll answer your questions, help new members, and share my best tips for healing.

12 Months Supply of Genesis Gold®

(Value: $1,800)

A revolutionary supplement that supports the hypothalamus to bring the body back into hormonal harmony. A natural blend of phytonutrient-rich super foods to support your hypothalamus, balance your hormones, brain chemistry, and immunity, enhance your digestion and detoxification, and optimize your genetic potential.

1 Kick Off 1-1 Root Healing Consultation with Deborah

(Value: $1,500)

Discover the root cause of your health and hormonal issues in one hour.If you’re looking for a medical detective to uncover the root of your health and hormonal issues, then this one-hour comprehensive video conference with neuro-immune-endocrine specialist Deborah Maragopoulos FNP is your answer.

Interactive Private Virtual Support Group

(Value: $1,200)

You’ll gain an invaluable community of compassionate people who are interested in supporting one another as you improve your health together.

That’s a Total Value of $16,647!

But today, you pay a mere fraction of that price…

“The Hormone Healing Circle keeps me accountable to finish the assignments so I can reach my healing goals.”

Brenda is a grandmother from Colorado who loves to ride motorcycles and make super cute headbands. She joined us to get knowledge of where to start building her strongest foundation for her health.

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Healing Circle. I’m grateful for the knowledge, healing energy and friends made. May you all have a healing journey.”

“Being in the Hormone Healing Circle has helped me be more proactive with my health!”

Gina is a mother, business owner, and blogger who lives on a small farm in Indiana.

She joined the group to find a healthy way to deal with her perimenopausal weight gain, lack of energy and anxiety.

“I am grateful to belong to a group run by someone who uses words like “pharmokinetics” – knows what that means – and is willing to share that knowledge in a way to help the group’s members participate in their own wellness.”

A group that holistically addresses all aspects of health – physiology, the mind-body connection, and practical tips for healthy living – is what The Hormone Healing Circle is all about!

“All of us who went to college paid thousands of dollars to sit through courses that will likely never, ever serve us – but THIS COURSE will certainly provide lifelong benefit – for less than the cost of 2 credit hours.”

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