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“This product is absolutely amazing! I have tried everything and have spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to feel better. Genesis Gold® is a God send, and I can feel that I am becoming stronger every day, thank you!”

Lisa W., Calabasas, CA

Genesis Gold®

The One-Drink-A-Day Solution To Heal Your Hypothalamus To Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Balance Hormones, And Optimize Your Health

All Natural

Gluten Free

Dairy Free


Heal the Root of your Health Problems Don’t Just Bandaid Your Symptoms

Heals Your Hypothalamus

The only plant-based supplement that heals the boss of your body, harmonizes your hormones, and optimizes your brain function and immune system!

100% All Natural Ingredients

Wildly harvested and organic ingredients gathered from the land and sea. Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and no synthetics ever!

No More Endless Pills

Everything your body needs in one delicious green drink, once a day. Simple, effective, and saves you hundreds of dollars every month!

Imagine all the essential micronutrients in a highly absorbable, all-natural super-greens food, harvested from every ocean and every continent, supplying the vital nutrition you need that does all this…

Keeps Hormones In Harmony

Genesis Gold® has a revolutionary hypothalamic amino acid blend designed to balance your adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones.

Enhances Energy Production

Genesis Gold® is a high-quality, all-natural supplement that increases the production of mitochondrial energy in your cells, which helps you burn fat faster.

Optimizes Immune Function

Genesis Gold® provides essential phytonutrients to help your body fight off infection, decrease hypersensitivity and allergic reactions, and suppress autoimmunity.

Supports Healthy Digestion

The Genesis Gold® formula has digestive aids, including enzymes and broad-spectrum probiotics to help you better digest and absorb nutrients from food.

Balances Brain Chemistry

Genesis Gold® provides amino acids and highly absorbable phytonutrients to stabilize moods, deepen sleep, enhance memory, and improve focus and concentration.

Improves Detoxification

Genesis Gold® helps you get rid of toxins in your body by providing phytonutrients that can enhance detoxification pathways in your liver, kidneys, and cells.

How I Founded Genesis Gold®,

The Perfect Supplement For An Imperfect Diet

Hi, I’m Deborah Maragopolous MN FNP
Intuitive Integrative Nurse Practitioner

I believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves encoded in our DNA. Medicine is both a science and an art. I look for the root causes of disease, which can be biochemical, psychological, or spiritual.

Here’s my story…

As an intuitive healer and board-certified nurse practitioner for over 30 years, I’ve always practiced what I’ve preached –– living a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy foods, and applying stress reduction techniques.  

With my expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement, I treated patients from all around the world. I was the Hormone Queen®. Yet, in spite of the natural hormone replacement therapy, I wasn’t vibrantly healthy.

Even with all my knowledge and training, I knew my body wasn’t getting everything it needed. 

Deborah Holding Genesis Gold and Book

I had no periods. I couldn’t sleep. I was moody, a bit manicky, and slightly depressed. My skin was oily, my hair was dry. My heart palpitated. I was hormonally challenged! 

I was faced with two options: take hormonal supplements for the rest of my life or find a new way to heal and harmonize my hormones naturally. That’s when I discovered the hypothalamus was the root of hormonal imbalances. So I searched for a single nutritional supplement to balance the entire system, and that is when I had the dream that became Genesis Gold®.

I no longer need bioidentical hormones, multiple supplements, radical diets, or compulsive exercise to be healthy, energized, balanced, and happy. No longer hormonally challenged, I thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually. Genesis Gold® has been such a blessing in my integrative medical practice. Many of my patients wish to find more natural ways to heal dis-ease. And now they can!

While I researched every ingredient, I did not adulterate the formula that came into my dreams. It was given to me for a reason, and the universe saw fit to provide the resources to allow me to get it into the world.

Genesis Gold® is a holistic nutritional supplement that supports the hypothalamic function to harmonize hormones and optimize genetic health like never before.

From every continent and every sea, the natural nutrients in Genesis Gold® are specially gathered and blended into a symphony of healing vibration to support assimilation and detoxification, harmonize hormones, balance brain chemistry, and enhance immunity.


Genesis Gold® is a highly absorbable powdered blend of wildly harvested, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free herbs, ancient grains, and sea vegetation encasing a unique amino acid formula designed to support your hypothalamus (the boss of your body).

What’s In Genesis Gold®?

  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
  • All Natural, Organic, Wildly Harvested
  • Blend of whole plant foods from the land and sea formulated to support and heal your body.

How to take Genesis Gold®

Suggested Use

  • One 12 gram scoop of powder
  • 4 grams per fifty pounds of body weight
  • Take in the morning in 2-4 oz (100-200ml) of water
  • Shake it rather than stir for better dispersion of powder in liquid
  • 1 bag lasts a 150-pound person 30 days

Your Health Is Worth Every Penny

While there is nothing quite like Genesis Gold®, I researched and priced out all of the high-quality supplements you would need to take to even come close to the nutritional healing power of Genesis Gold®. As it turns out, Genesis Gold® is a higher quality product at a much better price… and it’s easier for you to take.

The Hard Way: High-Cost

Thyroid Support
2 caps @ $0.87/day

Hormone Support
2 caps @ $0.87/day

Amino Acids
3 caps @ $0.87/day

Brain Support
2 caps @ $0.87/day

Immune Support
2 caps @ $0.83/day

Mitochondrial Support
2 caps @ $1.03/day

Digestive Support
3 caps @ $1.43/day

Detox Support
2 caps @ $0.87/day

2 oz liquid @ $1.23/day

Whole Foods
6 gm powder @ $1.10/day

18 pills + 2oz liquid + 6gm powder
$11.50 per day!

This is difficult, confusing, and expensive! The better way is to get this and more, all from one bag of Genesis Gold®

The Easy Way: Low-Cost

Genesis Gold®:
One highly absorbable 12 gm scoop
Only $5.00 per day!

One bag of Genesis Gold® delivers all this nutritional healing and much more with its special blend of Sacred Seven® to balance your hypothalamus and more nutrient-dense whole plant foods from the sea and the land…

*Based on the average dose of 4gm/50 pounds of body weight.

Genesis Gold®

The One-Drink-A-Day Solution To Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Balance Hormones, And Heal Your Body

All Natural

Gluten Free 

Dairy Free


♦ Get it in less than X days when you buy now! ♦ 

One bag of Genesis Gold® has all you need for complete nutritional support to balance your entire system.

👉🏻 Good Digestion
👉🏻 Strong Immunity
👉🏻 Sound Sleep
👉🏻 Abundant Energy

👉🏻 Sharp Memory
👉🏻 Healthy Sex Drive
👉🏻 Graceful Aging
👉🏻 Balanced Moods

👉🏻 Clear Skin
👉🏻 Healthy Hair
👉🏻 Optimal Health

All this Healing for less than the price of a fancy coffee drink!

Cost of Not Taking Genesis Gold®

♦ Low energy, poor sleep, rapid aging ♦

♦ Time spent in the doctor’s office ♦

♦ Time spent away from work being sick ♦ 

♦ Not feeling your best ♦ 

♦ Never achieving optimal health ♦

Genesis Gold®

The One-Drink-A-Day Solution To Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Balance Hormones, And Heal Your Body

All Natural

Gluten Free 

Dairy Free


♦ Get it in less than X days when you buy now! ♦ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Genesis Gold® have side effects?

Truth be told, there are always side effects of healing. What I can tell you is that they aren’t harmful; they are necessary. Let me explain –– Genesis Gold is a foundational hypothalamic formula, meaning it not only supports hypothalamus function, which balances hormones, but it also helps support optimal cellular metabolism. Before you can begin balancing your hormones, your hypothalamus needs to rid itself of toxins. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that detoxification can be very unpleasant at first. However, I will tell you exactly what to expect when your body begins the healing process with Genesis Gold.

What are the ingredients in Genesis Gold®?

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Do you have a money-back guarantee for Genesis Gold®?

We will refund products that are unopened and in their original packaging, minus the restocking fee. Open product returns are not accepted. Keep in mind that it takes 90 days to heal the hypothalamus. 

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