Are you tired of the hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, low libido, and mood swings?

Have you tried talking to doctors, taking supplement after supplement, asking friends, joining online communities, and just about everything else you possibly can just hoping to find some relief?

Do you feel like there has to be a way to feel better during this change of life? 

If so, you’re not alone. And YOU’RE RIGHT – 

Menopause doesn’t have to feel like this!

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP


3 bags of Genesis Gold® at $50 off + Success + Free Accountability.

90-Days of Genesis Gold® support at a discount.

I know. Most products are marked off and put on sale, and all that jazz. But I don’t do that. Frankly, a product that meets my standards for quality, sources the best ingredients in the world, and doesn’t have missing pieces….

There’s no margin for discounts, unless I first double the price and then mark it back down. That’s kind of crazy, right?

Instead I give you the best price I can from the start.

But if you’re willing to invest in 90-days of healing, then I want to encourage to take this life-changing step.

I want to make sure you stick with it.

And I want to hear you tell me, “Deborah, I’m so much better!”

90 Days of Genesis Gold - Life-changing step
Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

I’m Deborah Maragopoulos, FNP

I run a real-live Integrative Medical Clinic, called Full Circle Family Health. I treat patients like you from around the world with my expertise in neuro-immune-endocrinology. (Nice to meet you.)

With Genesis Gold®, I can help you…

♦  Finally get restorative SLEEP –with Genesis Gold®’s specially formulated amino acid blend specifically designed to reset your day-night cycles

  Have boundless ENERGY –with Genesis Gold®’s super greens foods blend of sea vegetation and sprouted ancient grains to optimize your mitochondrial production of energy

  Have BALANCED HORMONES –with Genesis Gold®’s special herbal blend your hormone production, function and metabolism optimizes putting you in perfect balance

♦  Experience a HEALTHY STRESS RESPONSE – with Genesis Gold®’s unique Hypothalamic amino acid blend and adaptogenic herbs, your adrenals will be working for you, not against you

♦  Experience OPTIMAL BRAIN FUNCTION – with Genesis Gold®’s revolutionary amino acid formula, your neurotransmitters will be functioning so precisely your memory, concentration, and moods improve

♦  Finally GET YOUR LIFE BACK – with Genesis Gold®’s harmonious blend of super greens foods, herbs, and Hypothalamic amino acid support you will finally heal and live your best life

♦  Get OPTIMAL DIGESTION – with Genesis Gold®’s balanced probiotics, enzymes and digestive aids, you will be able to get the most vital nutrition from your food

♦  Have HEALTHY DETOXIFICATION – with Genesis Gold®’s super green blend of sea weed and sprouts, every cell in your body will be purified

Here’s what makes me different.

I’m a medical detective. Other doctors refer their patients to me.

I work with people who have the most complex illnesses, and I untangle symptoms.

I address hormone imbalances… and hormones are everything. And your Hypothalamus controls them all including…


Your entire endocrine system – all your hormones  |  Your neurological system – all three brains

Your immune system  |  Your weight set point  |  Your hunger and digestion  |  Your metabolism and energy

Your heart and respiratory rate  |  Your temperature control  |  Your sleep cycles

Your sex drive  |  Your fertility  |  Your stress response

The Genesis Gold® “90-Day Menopause Healing Success Program”

When you order 3 bags of Genesis Gold®, you get

90-days of healing benefit to enhance your mitochondrial function: Studies show healing your mitochondria – slows down aging! Healthy mitochondria means more energy. Finally enough energy to take care of all your responsibilities at work and at home (as well as energy to have some fun)

90-days of balancing the synergy of your neuroendocrine function: Research shows that your gut and your brain are connected through hormones. Harmonizing your gut-brain connection improves your immunity and your moods so you finally have the strength and clarity to be your best self.

90-days of Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis rebalancing: Studies show that optimizing the stress response decreases inflammatory cytokines. That means less inflammation in your cardiovascular system, your brain, your gut, your joints. So you’re finally free from aches and lower your risk for killer diseases.

You will be healing the underlying issues, creating the opportunity to fix your “broken health,” tame your symptoms, and get your body and your life back!

Each container of Genesis Gold® contains only the best organically grown and wildly harvested herbs, the purest non-GMO whole plant foods from the land and the sea, and exactly the right combination of Hypothalamic amino acids, and never any synthetics.

And I do something that comes from my belief in compassion, in bio-field energy, and our mind-body connection… I even focus on the energetic matrix of Genesis Gold® which is why it’s not uncommon for me to hear my patients and customers experience profound shifts in their mindset that helps spearhead their healing.

I believe you need a health plan that is constantly changing, because your body constantly changes. Getting ill is a lifelong event, and so is healing.

I believe in compassion and that both energetic and spiritual support are essential. If you only treat physical health, you leave out the most human part of us being human beings.

I bring to the table a powerful, multi-disciplinary education you won’t find elsewhere, as well as decades of experience.

I know if I don’t go out of my way to help people heal

there’s a very good chance a lot of people will needlessly spend their life feeling very sick, and they’ll miss out on everything.

Seeing people in my office isn’t enough.

I’m here to serve as many people as I can.

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP with Genesis Gold

I’m starting with you.  Because your body wants to heal.

I’ve seen it over and over.  When people get the right support to heal, they really can (and do) heal.

I want to give you some examples so you can start to believe it for yourself.

You Need 3 Things to Heal & Feel Like Yourself Again.

1. You need someone who understands the broken bio-mechanics to create a solution. [That’s me and I created it. It’s Genesis Gold®.]

2. You need the confidence to take action, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works. [Done. I’ll guarantee your success.]


3. You need the support to stick with it long enough to repair your body, heal your Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis. [Done. I’ll support you for 90-full-days, while you track actual improvements.]

#3 is where things fall apart.

#1 is easy. The solution exists now. You can get it right now.

#2 is obvious. If you don’t take action, I can’t help you. 😉

But #3 is the reason people fail even when they do have a solution. That’s why I created this program, which focuses on sticking with the program for a full 90-days, with support and accountability. 

Why Genesis Gold® works…when so many others don’t.

It’s what’s inside. And to understand why these ingredients are different…

Let’s talk science + nutrition + the energy of healing.

Studies show that sea vegetables are the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Seaweed is rich in minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids that support optimal thyroid, adrenal, and brain function. Plus microalgaes like chlorella and spirulina are potent detoxifiers. Genesis Gold® has not one but five species of sea vegetation.

The embryonic forms of plants contain complete blueprints for genetic healing. Yet the plant seeds are protected by lectins to prevent you from digesting them. Science shows that sprouting seeds are highly digestible. Genesis Gold® is rich in highly absorbable organic non-GMO gluten free sprouts – not one but three.


Genesis Gold Supplement Facts

The medicinal and healing properties of herbal extracts have been known for centuries and are well researched. Some herbs act as adaptogens to help regulate hormone production particularly adrenal function. Genesis Gold® has 30 species of organic and wild harvested herbs to nourish and support every system in your body.

Unlike the rest of the brain, your hypothalamus is not protected by the blood brain barrier allowing micronutrients like amino acids to affect Hypothalamic function. Genesis Gold® has the correct balance of amino acids in just the right ratio to optimize your Hypothalamic function.

Genesis Gold® is different. And by now, you’ll have noticed something else.

I’m not your average “medical provider?” I want to support you on your healing journey with an amazing accountability program for a full 90 days. Because that’s how long it takes to begin balancing your Hypothalamus.

This time it will be different.

I guarantee it.

The “You Succeed!” Guarantee (…what if all your doctors did this?)

I guarantee that if you take Genesis Gold® for 90 days, if you track your progress and report in every 30 days, you’ll not only feel the difference… you’ll notice measurable, life-altering improvements on your most frustrating symptom (even if you haven’t seen improvement in years!).

Whether it’s sleep, hot flashes, painful joints, fatigue, weight gain, aching all over, “feel like crap,” PMS, irritable bowel, immune disorders, anxiety, depression, sluggish metabolism, brain fog or any of the other adrenal-pituitary-hypothalamus and hormone-related symptoms, you’ll notice a returning to wellness.

And if for some reason you don’t see at least a “3-point” improvement on a “10-point” scale, then at the end of 90 days I’ll send you a FREE bag of Genesis Gold® (worth $150 + free shipping and handling) AND I’ll work with you to discover what changes need to be made so you absolutely, 100% see results.

Take Paula:

Genesis Gold case study - Paula

Paula had gone through menopause in her mid fifties. Unfortunately the hormone replacement therapy she was prescribed just made her feel bloated and uncomfortable. And really exhausted. She just couldn’t keep up with her life and had to let some of her clients go. So her doctor gave her synthetic thyroid hormone even though her blood work didn’t show hypothyroidism. Paula didn’t feel like that was right for her, she even had trouble swallowing the pill but her doctor prescribed it, how could she question him?

It’s like her body even knew she shouldn’t be taking it. But she wasn’t listening. By the time she started taking Genesis Gold®, she was even more exhausted taking naps every afternoon, had gained another five pounds and her thyroid was no longer functioning on its own. By balancing her hypothalamus with the help of Genesis Gold®, Paula learned to listen to her body’s innate wisdom. She got back in her skinny jeans after losing that layer of fat around her middle without any change in her diet or exercise routine. No more puffy bloated face and sausage fingers. She got her body back. And her thyroid started making its own hormones! We could see it on her blood work, her body temperature normalized and her energy…well, she finally had enough energy to keep up with her busy coaching practice. She got her life back!

Or maybe you’re even more challenging like my patient Betty – who couldn’t even make any of her own hormones. She was taking lots of medication and supplements and still felt like crap.

She had a rare condition called panhypopituitaryism. She never even started her periods. She was on synthetic hormone replacement therapy for her ovaries, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, and pancreas. She was anxious, depressed, over medicated, toxic from years of synthetic drugs which showed up as skin rashes and painful joints and an irritable bowel. Plus lots of food and chemical sensitivities.

She truly was really sick and tired. Plus she was taking sleeping pills and antidepressants as well as a handful of supplements to help her metabolize all the drugs.

So I gave her Genesis Gold® to address her root issue – an imbalanced Hypothalamus which is the boss of the pituitary gland. And within eighteen months, we were able to wean her off all her medications, her other supplements and her synthetic hormone replacement.

Or Betty:

Genesis Gold case study - Betty

She was actually making her own hormones. She had energy and motivation, slept through the night, her rashes and food sensitivities cleared up.

No more joint pain and her bowels were regular. When she started menstruating on her own without hormonal support – I knew she was fertile and advised a barrier contraceptive if she didn’t want to conceive. She didn’t believe me.

And at the age of 43, she had a healthy baby boy!

Pretty awesome for a woman who never had her own periods!

Genesis Gold to help balance hypothalamus

Your health is a full-time job. (But it shouldn’t be.)

I get it. I really do. This special 90-day Menopause Healing Success Program, using Genesis Gold® , is for you. I want to try something new and make it easy for you to get well, for a change.

That’s why I’ve created Genesis Gold®.  Not only that, today I’m introducing the best guarantee in the industry and including a brand new (totally free) “don’t do this alone” program.

(Hint: This is the guarantee and program your doctor should be offering.)

Regulate hypothalamic POMC

The truth is, 20 years ago, even I couldn’t find a solution like this to help my patients. It didn’t exist on the marketplace.

My patients needed –

Enhanced cellular metabolism – they were taking supplements that claimed to increase energy production but left them with mitochondrial damage

Improved neurotransmitter function – instead of becoming completely dependent on antidepressants, anti anxiety and sleep aids, they needed a reboot of their entire neuroendocrine system

Optimized cytokine production – they suffered from a combination of autoimmune disorders, parasitic viral invasion, and carcinomas

Regulation of inflammatory pathways – between cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal inflammation, they were in chronic pain and destined to die prematurely

Enhanced hormone metabolism – their thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones were so out of balance they had no hope of getting off hormone replacement

This was all because their hypothalamic POMC (proopiomelanocortin) was so dysregulated that no matter how many drugs or supplements they took, they couldn’t get back in balance.

I don’t know if you can imagine how frustrated I was knowing what the answer was… and not being able to provide it for my patients.

Because there is an answer. There really is.

But back then, no one had taken all the pieces of endocrinology, neurobiology, immunology, epigenetics, detoxification, cellular metabolism, nutrition, and put it into a health-recovery supplement.

Get to know your hypothalamus

To really see the change you desire, you need complete support for 90 days.

(And you need it to be affordable.)

Not just any support, but active, real-world, personalized-to-your-symptoms accountability.

You need to know that I’m on your side and determined that you get results. 😉

So for the first time ever, I’m not only going to have you track the symptoms that matter to you… I’m going to have you report in with your results throughout your 90-day journey.

I want to give you EVERY chance to succeed, to heal, to live life again!

And I’m calling this…


I’m so excited for you! Because I know that in 90 Days you’ll tell me, “Deborah, I can tell a REAL difference!”

90 Days of Symptom Tracking and Accountability

♦  Day 1 – I’m going to get your baseline by asking you about your top three symptoms and have you rate them on a scale of 1-10 (in the meantime I’ll be packing up your Genesis Gold® with a blessing for your best healing journey ever)

♦  Day 3-5 – you receive your package. Yeah! And in it you’ll find your three bags of Genesis Gold® an autographed copy of my best selling book to help you understand as much as possible about your body, and a 90 day accountability calendar for you to put up not fridge and help you stay on track

(Plus– I’m sending a special video showing you how to take Genesis Gold®)

♦  Week 1 – I’m going help you through the detox, which is different for each person. Yep…your Hypothalamus needs to clean house before repairing the damage.

♦  Week 2 –I’m going to help you navigate and minimize rebound symptoms. Sometimes things feel a little uncomfortable before it gets better.

♦  Week 3 – time for some motivational pep talks. It’s hard to make a new habit stick. I’m here for you all the way.

♦  30-day check in– Yeah! Time to tell me how you’re doing. Don’t worry. It’s just a simple symptom survey. And when you’re done…oh, there’s going be something special for you… you’ll see!

♦  Week 5 – time to talk about weaning off your other supplements in a gentle supported way. Yep, you’re not going to need all that stuff.

♦  Week 6 – I give you some super special tips I only share with my patients on how to have boundless energy and age gracefully (without adding any additional supplements).

♦  Week 7 – it’s time to talk about what’s happening with your Hypothalamus, whether you need blood work (most don’t) and what to expect.

♦  60-day check in –I can’t wait to hear from you! By this time you’re feeling quite a difference. And yes…there are more surprises from me when you complete this step.

♦  Week 9 – this is super special. Now that you’ve been faithfully taking Genesis Gold® for over two months, it’s time to show you how to become your body’s own Body Whisperer

♦  Week 10 – if you’ve been on medications, it’s time to discuss how to partner with your health care provider to help you reduce medications if needed.

♦  Week 11 – your Hypothalamus is nearly reset and things are shifting in your body’s neuro-immune-endocrine system. I’m going to help you learn to steer this new body of yours.

♦  90-day check in – OMG You did it! I’m so proud of you. We have lots celebrating to do and of course that means gifts!!!

♦  Plan your next steps – Let’s talk about how to maintain these changes and improve even more.

Plus…I’ll guarantee your success!

Based on my criteria? Nope. Based on your criteria, your most frustrating symptom, and your progress.

In 90-days, you’re going to be doing better.

Real Testimonials

Since taking Genesis Gold®, I’m in a different place mentally and the idea that my fat rolls (or lack thereof) could be used to define my worth really bothers me. I had no idea that Genesis Gold® would cause this change in my mindset. It really has been wonderful – and easy. Not something I needed to study, or work at or struggle with. It just feels “right”. People treat me differently, though the only difference I really can tell is there’s been a shift – concerning how much “power” I’m allowing others to have over how I feel about myself.

Gina K.

Alexandria, IN

We’re so happy that you made Genesis Gold®! Three former chronic sufferers of asthma, anxiety and chronic fatigue are now living healthy, happy lives! From exercise-induced asthma to playing tennis every day! From 20 years of chronic fatigue syndrome to playing tennis three times a week. Deborah is brilliant. Her knowledge of the human body amazes me. And with her knowledge and compassion, she has helped me so much with chronic fatigue syndrome. God bless her! Many, many thanks!

Lisa A.

Ojai, CA

This product is absolutely amazing! I have tried everything and have spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to feel better. Genesis Gold® is a Godsend and I am becoming stronger every day, thank you!

Lisa W.

Calabasas, CA

When was the last time you felt real hope?

What’s the biggest symptom-change you’re going for? (Be specific, okay?)

Is it weight? Is it foggy thinking? Hot flashes? Insomnia  Is it fatigue? No sex drive? Infertility? Irregular periods? Impotency?

Is it stress and anxiety? No motivation? Depression? Aching all over? 

Good! You’re thinking of your most frustrating symptom. That’s the one.  Okay, imagine the relief of knowing TODAY, that things are going to change for you.

Imagine the anticipation of sending your progress reports to me, telling me where you are after 30 days, and you can see a little ray of improvement (something you’ve been unable to see for *so* long).

Imagine it’s now 90-days later… and the PURE JOY you feel, looking at your own handwriting, your own reports of how you feel, what you see, and how much progress you’ve made.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Genesis Gold helps with stress and anxiety

Let’s do this.

This is me, believing in your health. 100%

Are you ready to get all the right ingredients and all the right support for your Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis AND the “broken health” that underlies your symptoms?


If you don’t do something today, you won’t feel different tomorrow.

Please, if this is for you… please take action. Waiting never helps anything.

And in the case of this offer, I’m running an experiment in this level of support. I don’t know how long I’ll offer it, because between seeing patients, running my Hormone Healing Circle, and creating the greatest supplement… I just don’t know if I’ll have time to provide accountability in the future.

So, leap now.  Let’s do this together.


P.S. If you are tired of being sick and tired and ready to finally start healing, I’m offering you *90-Days of Genesis Gold® at $50 off + Success + Free Accountability. Just scroll up to the button and get started today!

*weight based dosage –  3 bags of Genesis Gold® lasts 150 pound person 90 days. 

Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

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