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My daughter takes Genesis Gold® for vitiligo.  It works good and her spots have reduced by 3/4 % which is excellent improvement, but being a 16-year-old, she skips days.

I truly feel if my daughter took the appropriate dose continuously she would already be 100% healed.

I truly believe in your product.  It is the only supplement that has helped heal my daughter’s vitiligo.  



Mercedes Probst
Frisco, TX



Since taking Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven®, I have had improvement regarding my seizures. For the first time in my life, I understand that my partial epilepsy can be caused by this hormonal balance because for a long time I’ve noticed that attacks occur mainly one week before my cycle or some days after that.

I’m very happy that taking your products for just a short time have changed quality of my life. I used to have frequent epilepsy attacks which were worse around my period. Now, just taking a little more Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® before and after my period has prevented the seizures at this time.



London, UK


I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for creating your products. I ordered GenesisGold® and Sacred Seven® about a month ago and have been able to deal with hot weather and hot workout room conditions without any anxiety attacks and dizziness, since I started last month. We've also had high 80s and 91 degrees in SF for the past few days and I have felt fine all day!

No hot dry flashes at night, except maybe mild ones but only twice a while ago.

Love what the herbs and aminos are doing for my body, thank you!

Mahalo nui loa~



Hi Deborah 

I wanted to tell you that I have been using the Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® religiously for the past month.  I have lost 15 lbs, the hot flashes are better and my entire family caught a horrible cold that I did not get!!

Thank You!!

Patti Fildes, Ventura CA



Dear Deborah,

   You have a very happy family over here. Three former chronic sufferers of asthma, anxiety and chronic fatigue are now living healthy, happy lives! From excercised-induced asthma to playing tennis every day! From 20 years of chronic fatigue syndrome to playing tennis three times a week. We're so happy that you made Genesis Gold®! Many, many thanks!

Lisa, Ojai CA




Love this stuff! Lost weight, gained energy and getting back to my mountain biking and active life and attitude! Recommended it to friends who have also lost weight, but one has not had a break out of shingles since she started the product just a month ago, which has not ceased for 15 years...thanks Deborah.    


 Los OsosCA




Hello ~  I have been receiving Genesis Gold® for some years and love it.  Each time I try to streamline my budget, I wonder if I can cut GG from my expenses.  I may go a few days of taking one scoop instead of two ~ I'll be ok, but not good.  If I go a few days without any at all, I notice I am feeling "off" emotionally, and a little drained physically, and I know it would be the beginning of a downward spiral.  I place my order and gratefully, the container arrives within a day or two ~ faster than anything I have ever ordered!  Thank you SO MUCH for this product!  I don't know how I found it initially, but I am eternally grateful for its creation!


Jan Langton,  El Cajon, CA






I am healing from my second knee surgery incredibly well. I am basically a healthy person but I know that your Genesis Gold® plays a significant role in my recovery. Thanks again.


Kathryn Ross Elliot, Actress, Malibu, CA 




I have been taking Genesis Gold® for about eight years.  I started taking it before have major back surgery.  I was told I would be in the hospital for at least two weeks.  I was out in 3 1/2 days.  The neurosurgeon could not believe it.  I truly attribute that to Genesis Gold®.  There is no other reason. 


Melanie Balestra, N.P., Esq., Irvine, CA




Having taken Genesis Gold® consistently for the past 2 years, I have experienced major improvements in my overall health. My energy level is higher which has enabled me to get on an exercise program.  This has allowed me to have great success with weight loss.  My hormones are balanced, my blood work, attitude, appearance all reflect these changes.  These improvements have made me a happier and healthier person.  I have surpassed personal goals that I only dreamed of reaching.  I feel a sense of contentment and a peace of mind that I never want to lose.  Genesis Gold®, under the care and direction of Deborah, have brought me so far, I cannot imagine being without either of them.

 Thank you, Toni Young, Ventura, CA


Thank you very much. Jared and Nathan are very close already! Jared always
wants to hold him, and if he cries he must check on him. We will see you soon.
Also, please send more Genesis Gold®. My family calls you - the Fertility Goddess! Says that if it wasn't for you and Genesis Gold® they know Nathan would not be here and they all say thank you! So thanks again for your help if it wasn't for you we would not have these two beautiful children! Words cannot express how grateful we are!

Christina Egan, Mother, Port Hueneme, CA



Genesis Gold® seems to balance my body chemistry.  While it doesn't replace daily medications, I seem to need less medication when I take Genesis Gold®. This is true not only for estrogen and progesterone, but for other medications as well. For example, before I started using Genesis Gold®, I was taking between 50 and 100 mg of Zoloft.  After using Genesis Gold®, I was able to drop down to 25 mg/day.   Genesis Gold® also reduces my little aches and pains. The best way I can describe Genesis Gold® is that it helps the body do whatever it does, more efficiently.

Dolly Aarons, City Council Woman, Austin, TX





I was sweating.  A lot. I was unable to sleep through the night.  I had a bloated stomach.  I weighed almost 170 lbs.  I was an out of control bitch.  My doctor insisted I was too young for menopause but I begged for blood work to be sure and the results showed I was in full blown menopause at age 46.  I started seeing Deborah who did a full examination, including extensive blood and stool evaluation.  She inquired about my daily habits, my work life, my sex life and my spiritual life.  I was started on a rather intense regimen of supplements, including her fabulous Genesis Gold, and topical hormones.  The supplements were gradually decreased as my body responded.  I am still taking Genesis Gold and topical hormones.  Today, at age 55, I look 15 years younger, weigh 128 lbs, do not sweat, sleep beautifully and have a healthy sex drive and ability to fully enjoy my life with an energy others cannot believe. I am a devoted patient and have recommended her services to many others.  Worth every single penny.


Deirdre Frank, Attorney. Oxnard, CA



I am a 64 year old man born with a heart condition that has been difficult to control the past 14 years. As you know, my thyroid was severely affected by the use of Amiodorone to control my HCM (hypertrophic cardio myopathy) and subsequent atrial fibrillation. The endocrinologist took a wait and see attitude regarding getting my thyroid to normal levels. There wasn't much he could do for me. With your guidance and his careful eye on my progress, he was amazed at the rapid recovery once my condition was diagnosed.  In October of 06, my cardiologist installed a pace maker. With the regimen you assigned that included the use of both Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven®, my numbers from recent blood work are in perfect order. I take both each day and am convinced that the added use of these supplements contributes to my well being and without doubt straightened out my thyroid problem.
Thank you for always being there to support me.  The combination of exercise and nutrition is the key to good health and, along with the extra support I get from your products, I lead a full and healthy life.   
Jim Green, Director, Santa Barbara, CA




I wanted to tell you, after taking all the good stuff you suggested I take, (Genesis Gold and Sacred Seven, Inflamase and the EFA pills), the pain in my abdomen that I had had for years and years (due to the scar tissue, you told me), after just FIVE days, completely disappeared!  I have been pain free ever since, save for the period cramps a day before my period.  AND after years of irregular periods, the period after I saw you started exactly 28 days, and this last one, at only 29 days!   I'm so excited.  My body is changing for the better!


Katie, Ventura, CA





Genesis Gold® has made a noticeable difference in my distance vision.  It also seems to have raised my threshold to environmental allergens, and significantly improved the flexibility and reduced the swelling and discomfort from a long standing knee problem


Chris Rubesh, Oxnard, CA




I love Genesis Gold®. The bottle felt great, it smelled great.  It feels great in my body. Thank you.


Hava Pell, Pittsburg, PA












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