Down through the years I’ve had many different (employer-provided) health care plans, and so many changes in primary care doctors and specialists. The one constant in the past decade has been Deborah Maragopoulos. She’s been my go-to person. Without fail I regularly consult her and without fail she’s given me the information I needed to deal with my health concerns, many hormone-related. When I’ve had menopausal- and thyroid-related problems, it’s been Deborah who’s explained to me what’s going on inside me and it’s been Deborah who’s come up with a treatment plan. Deborah has an astonishing understanding of the hormonal system and an ability to step back and see relationships among the various components. I’ve not found a doctor (including those within our own family) who evinces as good an understanding of the inner workings of the human body or as astute an ability to diagnose, find solutions, and communicate with me. Truly, I cannot imagine healthcare without Deborah.