I have known Deborah Maragopoulos for about 14 years, first as a professional colleague and fellow nurse practitioner and then as a personal friend. Deb has ‘saved” my life more than once. Her treatment of me during menopause helped me get through it without virtually any symptoms. I have been taking Genesis Gold® for about eight years. I started taking it before have major back surgery. I was told I would be in the hospital for at least two weeks. I was out in 3 1/2 days. The neurosurgeon could not believe it. I truly attribute that to Genesis Gold®. There is no other reason. Deb has helped me grow older without taking prescriptive drugs. My cholesterol has decreased, my energy increased and my general health excellent, all under Deb’s direction. I have listened to Deb’s seminars and always find valuable and helpful information in her presentations. Deb is a professional health care provider who evaluates the entire person and determines an individualized plan based on the patient’s needs. I cannot say enough great things about Deb. I can only say that anyone who becomes her patient or is able to participate in one of her seminar presentations is an extremely fortunate person and will lead a healthy and energetic life.