I am going to show you causes of sleep loss, how it affects your body, and how to get the best sleep of your life.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Lack of sleep can be the underlining trigger of many diseases.


Learn how lack of sleep actually affects your body. How it contibutes to inflammation and affect immunity and learn how to get better sleep!

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Hormone Healing: Sleep, Inflammation, and Immunity

In this course we will focus on your sleep and how it can affect your body.

What you’ll learn:


How Your Eating Habits Affect Sleep


How Melatonin, Prolactin and other Hormones Play a Role in Sleep


Healthy Sleep Habits


Your Bacterial Ecology and Body Fat


BONUS :: The Five Pillars of Healthy and Sleep

What’s Included?

The Hormone Healing System

With 30 years experience healing the Hormonally Challenged, I created this system for my patients and now it’s available to help you focus on the most important things you need to do to heal. Each interactive learning module is designed to help you understand the amazing complexity of your body.

Easy practical tools are provided to help you implement what you learn.

Comprehensive question and answer sessions allow you to get the information you need to be successful in reaching your health goals.

Are you so stressed out you’re not sleeping, getting sick or gaining weight? Discover your amazing adrenal glands and how to optimize their function naturally so you’re rested, healthy and happy.

Plus, specific training on Stress and Your Health



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Meet your instructor!

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP, an Intuitive Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner, bridges the science of medicine with the art of healing. Known as the Hormone Queen®, Deborah specializes in functional neuro-immune-endocrinology including bioidentical hormones, nutritional and complementary therapies.
Since founding her integrative health clinic – Full Circle Family Health – in 1997, Deborah has helped thousands of hormonally challenged patients reach their greatest potential – body, mind, and soul.
Deborah created this course filled with the same education and recommendations she uses for her own patients to help you heal your adrenals, reduce your stress and reverse insulin resistance, so you can get your life bac

I will show you how hormones, diet, stress, and alcohol affect your sleep.

“Thanks for your insight and readiness to answer all my questions, Deborah!”

Bruna and her husband Tom are trying to start a family. Bruna wants to heal her hormones and regulate her thyroid.
“Thank you so much for all of this. Your knowledge and good energy has helped me understand what’s going on with me and shown me what steps to take. I never thought how my mindset could influence my life (in a good and bad way). I love that we can control all of it!”

“Learning about my hormones is helping me reach my healing goals.”

Brenda is a grandmother from Colorado who loves to ride motorcycles and make super cute headbands. She joined us to get knowledge of where to start building her strongest foundation for her health.

“I’m grateful for the knowledge, healing energy and friends made. May you all have a healing journey.”

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Hormone Healing: Sleep, Inflammation, and Immunity

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