If you want to know the best foods to eat this summer to help keep your hormones in balance —Then check out these three healthy foods to keep your hormones in balance while you beat the summer heat.

Healthy Food to Beat the Heat! #1 Watermelon!

With up to 90% of water content, watermelon helps keep you hydrated in the heat. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and helps men reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Plus watermelon is an excellent diuretic for women who tend to carry estrogen related water weight.

You can make a heat-blasting salad by mixing cubes of watermelon with heirloom cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta, chopped basil then drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Delicious, super cooling and slimming.

Healthy Food to Beat the Heat! #2 Cucumber!

With its high water content, cucumber is super cooling. Its fresh, crunchy taste makes it a great summer veggie. Cucumber is also a diuretic and helps eliminate toxins from your body and keep skin and tissues healthy.

Juicing cucumbers provides the fastest cooling effect. I like to muddle cucumbers with lime juice and mix into mineral water for a refreshing summer beverage.

A fresh cucumber salad with tomatoes, oregano, and feta drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice is how the Greeks dealt with the intense Mediterranean heat.

Healthy Foods to Beat the Heat! #3 Astringent Foods

Astringent foods contain tannins – that same dry puckering sensation that you experience after tasting red wines. Tannins help improve your body’s ability to absorb water.

The major sources of tannins in the American diet are apples, chocolate, and grapes. So cool down with some red wine and dark chocolate. Summer Berries are also an excellent source of tannins. Nuts like pistachios, hazelnuts and pecans are rich in tannins too.

Cinnamon and curry are also rich in tannins and have a cooling effect on your body.

By consuming these tannin rich foods, you can increase the water content in your cells that in turn will help keep your body cooler.

All these cooling foods help you beat the summer heat as well as may help reduce menopausal and andropausal hot flashes. Yes, men have hormones too!

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