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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Your Hypothalamus

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Is your hypothalamus involved in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Let’s talk about it.

While the heart of chronic fatigue syndrome is mitochondrial dysfunction, it’s your hypothalamus that regulates mitochondrial activity.

Mitochondria are tiny cellular organelles that produce energy. They’re known as the cell powerhouse. Every cell in your body has hundreds of mitochondria. Your most active cells, like neurons and muscles, have more. If the mitochondria do not work, cells die. Therefore, mitochondrial dysfunction means the cell powerhouses are producing energy at minimal capacity. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by damage to the mitochondria. It affects the mitochondria in all the cells of the body, including the brain, muscles, and vital organs. Some days are better. Some days are worse. Even mental exertion can cause extreme fatigue for days. Therefore, CFS can be very debilitating. Sometimes debilitating enough to not be able to work. You just don’t have the get up and go. You can also have brain fog and depression because you just aren’t producing enough energy in the brain. 

Menopause can make CFS worse because estrogen helps keep insulin receptors healthy.

Mitochondria need glucose to make energy. When glucose cannot get into the cells due to insulin receptor issues then the mitochondria have to use vital cell fatty acids to make energy and that wastes more vital nutrients and creates more cellular waste.

In short, supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold® and sometimes extra Sacred Seven® amino acids can help to improve mitochondrial function. All by healing the hypothalamic dysfunction that’s associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients report an increase in their energy and ability to exercise and get back to work after three to six months of taking Genesis Gold®.

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