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My tired/sad/grumpy now-menopausal self has been on a 25+ year crusade to locate the magic supplement to feel better. Until I found Genesis Gold, mostly what I did was spend a lot of money for no results. Not only did this stuff deliver the hoped-for increase in energy and improvement in other areas (digestion, sleep, weight management, etc), I did not expect to end up in such a different place mentally, too. I had no idea that Genesis Gold would cause this change in my mindset. It has been wonderful – and easy. Not something I needed to study, or work at or struggle with. It just feels “right”. People treat me differently, though the only difference I really can tell is there’s been a shift – concerning how much power I’m allowing others to have over how I feel about myself.

I know this sounds like a fluffy miracle testimonial, but after having spent all those years and $$$$ on supplements-du-jour that did nothing, I expected this one to be no different. No chance of a placebo effect with this gal! If anything, I’m the opposite; slow to attribute improvements to anything but coincidence. Genesis Gold is the real deal. Now, instead of just slogging through all the maladies that accompany getting older, I can better focus on living my life.



Menopause Explained

Menopause means you’ve run out of eggs and have had your last period. Most women have on average 34 years of reproductive cycles from the very first period to the very last. Female sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone- help protect women and keep them healthy and aging gracefully. So when you stop producing estrogen and progesterone in menopause, you start aging more rapidly. Your hypothalamus becomes out of balance inducing hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, and moodiness. Your falling hormone levels create changes in your skin, hair, nails and vagina. Of course, all women eventually go through menopause. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.


Only 43 years old, Darlene* was already experiencing classic symptoms of menopause. She was skipping periods, suffering from hot flashes and couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Her irritability and memory loss were affecting her work and her home life. Plus her sex drive had plummeted. She was noticing crepey skin, vaginal dryness, and hair loss. Her doctor didn’t believe she was going through menopause and prescribed her sedatives to sleep and an antidepressant.

*Name changed to protect the patient’s privacy.


Darlene really didn’t want drugs, she wanted answers. And a way to get through menopause naturally without losing her mind, her body, and her relationships.


Within just a few weeks of taking a natural hypothalamus support, Darlene was sleeping through the night. Her hot flashes had diminished and her brain fog was clearing. She chose to use some vagina estrogen for the dryness. But she really happy that the natural hypothalamus support also helped her safely metabolize her hormones. Just six months later Darlene was shocked that she had lost the belly fat, that her skin and hair were healthier and she felt more vital and alive than she had in years.


So how did Darlene get back in balance and slow down her menopausal aging? Every morning, Darlene drank Genesis Gold®. Genesis Gold® is specifically designed to support your hypothalamus and help you metabolize your hormones safely. That’s really important as you age to help prevent stimulating tumor growth especially if you choose to use hormone replacement therapy. By supporting her adrenals, thyroid, glucose metabolism and calming down her hypothalamus, Genesis Gold® helped Darlene transition through menopause gracefully. Without drugs!

Are you ready to support yourself through menopause naturally?

Results Data

Since 2003, hundreds of women have eased their transition through menopause with Genesis Gold®. Within two months of use, over 90% of women had significantly less night sweats and hot flashes, slept longer and deeper with more dream recall, improved memory and focus with less brain fog, more stable moods and better ability to handle stress, increased libido and motivation.

Product Used

Genesis Gold® helps menopause symptoms. Could it work for you?

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