Menopause changes everything. You don’t look the same. You don’t feel the same. You begin aging. And lose your vitality. All because your hormones bottom out in menopause. It can be really hard on your life, your relationships, and your health. You may not be aging as gracefully as you’d like. Your memory is shot. Your sex drive is gone. You can’t sleep. You’re having hot flashes and what’s up with the midline weight gain? Menopause totally disrupts your hypothalamus. And it’s your hypothalamus which controls your hormones, your moods, your memory, your sex drive, even your rate of aging. Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold can make a huge difference in being able to transition through menopause gracefully. Genesis Gold helps by balancing out your adrenals which help to support sex steroid hormone production, so that you don’t miss your ovarian hormones quite so much.

Menopause Symptoms- Are You Struggling?

Menopause Symptoms- Are You Struggling?

Are you in perimenopause and still having periods, yet suffering from what seems like menopausal symptoms? Or are you postmenopausal and still suffering from lack of hormones? Let’s talk about what your menopause symptoms might be, and how you can thrive instead of suffer. 

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Why You Need an Action Plan for Menopause

Why You Need an Action Plan for Menopause

Why exactly do you need a Menopause Action Plan? Think of preparing for menopause the same way you prepared for puberty. Some of you knew what to expect when you were a teenager, and some of you took it by surprise. Perhaps you didn’t have the best experience you could have because you weren’t prepared.

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