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Your gut health affects so many other aspects of your life. If you’re not digesting and absorbing your nutrients appropriately, you’re not going to be able to produce the biochemicals including the hormones that keep you in balance. Did you know your hypothalamus actually controls the function of your gut? It controls your hunger, your satiety, your digestion and detoxification. For instance, irritable bowel syndrome is a miscommunication within the neuroendocrine system controlling gut function. The neuroendocrine connection between the gut and the brain is controlled by your hypothalamus. Supporting your hypothalamus with Genesis Gold helps to get your gut in a much healthier balance.
When Your Gut Makes You Anxious

When Your Gut Makes You Anxious

Remember, your gut is your second brain. And it influences the brain in your head. Mitch came to me with severe anxiety. He had been suffering from panic attacks, insomnia, and generalized anxiety for months. His doctors had given him anti-anxiety meds but he wanted...

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Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Your liver is one of the most hard-working organs in your body. The liver is responsible for detoxifying everything you put into your bodies as well as packaging up your used up hormones for disposal by the colon. On top of detox detail, your liver produces...

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