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Genesis Gold® – Your Path to Optimal Health

Stressed? Tired? Aging?

Hormonally Challenged?

Wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed was in one bottle?

Well, now it is…

Genesis Gold Natural Hormone & Hypothalamus Supplement

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All Natural

Gluten Free

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Get Health With Genesis Gold®

Your Hormones Sing & Your DNA Dances

Your Hypothalamus is the Maestro of Your Entire Symphony!


Hi, I’m Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP

Intuitive Integrative Nurse

I blend the science of medicine with the art of healing.

As an intuitive integrative healer, I perceive the roots of dis-ease…biochemical, psychological, spiritual. Yet I believe healing is innate, encoded within our DNA. What could I feed the body to tap into the genetic potential for health and wellbeing? After much research and soul searching, I surrendered and in my dreams a formula was revealed…Genesis Gold®.

Genesis Gold® – the Perfect Supplement to an Imperfect Diet

I’ve been a board certified nurse practitioner for over 20 years. I try to practice what I preach. Exercise, healthy foods, stress reduction techniques, yet even with all my knowledge and training, I knew my body wasn’t getting everything it needed.

And then I created it, Genesis Gold®.

Genesis Gold® is a holistic nutritional supplement that supports hypothalamic function to harmonize hormones and optimize genetic health.

From every continent and every sea, the natural nutrients in Genesis Gold® are specially gathered and blended into a symphony of healing vibration to support assimilation and detoxification, harmonize hormones, balance brain chemistry, and enhance immunity.

Heal the Root of Your Health Problems
Don’t just Bandaid Your Symptoms

natural food ingredients

All Natural Ingredients

Wildly harvested and organic ingredients gathered from the land and sea. Non-GMO, gluten-free, diary-free, no synthetics ever!

basket with bottle of pills

No More Tons of Pills

Everything your body needs in one delicious green drink, once a day. Simple, effective, and saves you hundreds of dollars every month!

brain with hypothalamus

Heals Your Hypothalamus

The only plant based supplement that heals the boss of your body, keeps your Hormones in Harmony, optimizes your brain function and immune system!

I Created Genesis Gold® Because…

I didn’t want to take all the supplements and hormones I prescribed for my patients for the rest of my life. You know how the eye doctor has the thickest glasses? Well, I was Hormonally Challenged and needed something to harmonize my hormones naturally.

I had no periods. If I wasn’t insomniac, I was sleep walking. I was moody, a bit manicky, and slightly depressed. My skin was oily, my hair was dry. My heart palpitated. I was hormonally challenged! With an expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement, I treated patients from all around the world. I was the Hormone Queen®. Yet in spite of the natural hormone replacement therapy, I wasn’t vibrantly healthy.

My Hormone Story Begins With the Birth of My First Child…

In January 1984, I had a dream that I was to bear a blond baby boy. I’m Italian, my husband Greek. Blond is not in our genes, but that’s what I saw. In spite of amenorrhea due to a 9 year eating disorder, I conceived. The pregnancy was great, but I never “showed”. I nearly died from HEELP syndrome (severe toxemia) and had to have an emergency delivery. Born ten weeks premature, my 2# 7oz infant was rushed to the NICU.

No one would tell us what our baby was since the genitalia was ambiguous. Ten days later chromosome studies revealed what I already knew. Our baby was an XY female. Now it’s called intersex. Then we were told to pick a sex. We were advised by the top pediatric endocrinologists on both the west and east coasts to raise our child as a girl. Apparently, it’s easier to “make a hole than a pole”. I strongly disagreed. My intuition told me that the high level of testosterone my baby’s brain had been exposed to in its attempt to overcome the androgen insensitivity affected development.

So we raised our child as a boy, and I went back to grad school to become a family nurse practitioner. I learned everything I could inside and outside of traditional medicine to guide my son through the medical maze. In the 90’s documentaries were aired on children like my son, all raised as girls, all psychologically confused by the time they reached young adulthood. Research now shows I was right. If I would have listened to the medical experts instead of my intuitive guidance which at the time felt very divinely given, what harm would my child have suffered?

Genesis Gold Natural Hormone & Hypothalamus Supplement
Genesis Gold Supplement Facts

Mix 4 grams per 50 pounds of body weight into 8 ounces of water once a day is all you need for Optimal Health. One bottle lasts a 150 pound person 40 days.

The Genesis Gold® Story

The Neuro-Immune-Endocrinology
The Symphony of Hormones

Overtime I became an expert in hormones and their effect on behavior. In 1997, I went out on my own to practice holistic family medicine and started to see the most challenging cases. I discovered the symphony of hormones produced by the neurological, immune, and endocrine systems. I found how vital a role the underappreciated hypothalamus played in the orchestration of the symphony of hormones. I learned that the hormones directly control the DNA and most dis-ease was a result of hormonal miscommunication.

I searched for a single nutritional supplement to balance the entire system…That is when I had the dreams that became Genesis Gold®.

While I researched each and every ingredient, I did not adulterate the formula that came in my dreams. It was given to me for a reason and the universe saw fit to provide the resources to allow me to get it into the world. It has been a lovely synchronicity of events that led from the gift of my hormonally challenged son to the birth of Genesis Gold®.

Now I Offer Genesis Gold® to You

Personally, I no longer need bio-identical hormones, multiple supplements, radical diets, or compulsive exercise to be healthy, energized, balanced and happy. No longer hormonally challenged, I am thriving physically, mentally and spiritually. Genesis Gold® has been such a blessing in my integrative medical practice. Many of my patients wish to find more natural ways to heal dis-ease.

Where can you find ALL the essential micronutrients in a highly absorbable all natural super greens food harvested from every ocean, every continent supplying vital nutrition that does all this…

Image of Healthy Cells

Keeps Hormones in Harmony

Genesis Gold® has a special hypothalamic amino acid blend designed to balance your adrenal, thyroid, insulin, and sex hormones.

Image of brain and chemistry connections

Balances Brain Chemistry

Genesis Gold® provides amino acids and phytonutrients to stabilize moods, deepen sleep, enhance memory, improve focus and concentration.

Man fighting off germs

Optimizes Immune Function

Genesis Gold® provides phytonutrients to help your body fight off infection, decrease hypersensitivity and allergy reactions and suppress autoimmunity.

human digestive track

Supports Healthy Digestion

Genesis Gold® formula has digestive aids including enzymes and broad spectrum probiotics to help you better digest and absorb nutrients from food.

image of mitochondria

Enhances Energy Production

Genesis Gold® provides phytonutrients to increase mitochondrial energy production which optimizes your basal metabolic rate.

image of human body


Genesis Gold® provides phytonutrients to enhance detoxification pathways in your liver, kidneys, and cells.

One Bottle of Genesis Gold® Has All You Need…
for complete nutritional support to balance your entire system.


Good Digestion


Sound Sleep


Sharp Memory


Graceful Aging


Clear Skin


Optimal Health


Strong Immunity


Abundant Energy


Healthy Sex Drive


Balanced Moods


Healthy Hair

All of this for LESS than the price of a Fancy Coffee Drink


May I Share a Story of my most Hormonally Challenged Patient with You?

Barbara came to me wanting to get off her synthetic hormones and use bio-identical hormones instead. She had a rare condition called panhypopituitaryism which means she did not make any of her own hormones.

She never started her periods and had to take female hormones. She was diabetic on insulin. She was hypothyroid on synthetic thyroid replacement. Her adrenals didn’t function, so she had to take cortisone. She couldn’t sleep, so she was given sleeping pills and she was an anxious depressive so she was on Prozac.

I replaced all her synthetic hormones with bio-identical hormones and supported her hormone metabolism with nutritional supplements and got her off Prozac. But I was still having to prescribe her bio-identical hormones and give her 9 different supplements to help her metabolize those hormones. All natural but way too much. And I was fishing for her, not teaching her how to fish…

Then I discovered how to treat her hypothalamus which controls the pituitary gland. And Barbara began to take Genesis Gold®

Over the next 18 months we weaned her off all her hormones. She even had her own periods. So I told her, “if you don’t want to get pregnant, better use some type of barrier contraceptive”

And she said, “But the doctors told me that I’m infertile.”

“You’re having your own periods. Your hormones are normal. You can get pregnant now.”

She laughed. And at the age of 43 had a healthy baby boy!


I created Genesis Gold® to balance nutritional deficits, to help our bodies obtain optimal health, to harmonize our hormones so that our DNA can dance beautifully.


May You Enjoy Abundant Health with Genesis Gold®,


Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP
Intuitive Integrative Health

Genesis Gold Natural Hormone & Hypothalamus Supplement

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