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Heal the Root of Your Health Problems – Don’t just Bandaid Your Symptoms

If you knew of the One Thing that was going to finally help you feel better and get you back in balance, Would you take it?

Just one scoop per 50 lbs. of body weight mixed into water once a day is all you need for Optimal Health.

So you can live your best life with… 
– Good Digestion
-Strong Immunity
-Sound Sleep
-Abundant Energy
-Sharp Memory
-Healthy Sex Drive
-Graceful Aging
-Balanced Moods
-Clear Skin
-Healthy Hair
-Optimal Health
For Only $150

“This product is absolutely amazing! I have tried everything and have spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to feel better. Genesis Gold® is a God send and I can feel that I am becoming stronger every day, thank you!”

Lisa W - CalabasaS, CA.

All this Healing for Less than the Price of a Fancy Coffee Drink
Save $50
When You Buy 3 Bottles of Gensis Gold



Retail Price $450



Your Price $400
All Natural Ingredients
Wildly harvested and organic ingredients gathered from the land and sea. Non-GMO, gluten-free, diary-free, no synthetics ever!
No More Tons of Pills
Everything your body needs in one delicious green drink, once a day. Simple, effective, and saves you hundreds of dollars every month
Heals Your Hypothalamus
The only plant based supplement that heals the boss of your body, keeps your Hormones in Harmony, optimizes your brain function and immune system!
The only plant based supplement that heals the boss of your body, keeps your Hormones in Harmony, optimizes your brain function and immune system!
Toni Y - Ventura, CA.

Avoid the Most Common Mistake Everyone Makes and

Put Yourself First, You ARE Worth it!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Genesis Gold® all I have to take? Genesis Gold® replaces most of your supplement needs, if not all. Genesis Gold® replaces supplements for digestive, immune, energy, brain, hormone health. Unlike any other supplement, Genesis Gold® is specifically formulated to support hypothalamus and optimize genetic expression.

  • When can I expect to feel better on Genesis Gold®? Most people do feel increased energy and sleep better within the first few weeks but healing years of imbalance takes months. Genesis Gold® is an investment in your health. It takes time to heal. It’s not a quick fix. If you’ve been sick for a long time, you can expect to get back in balance in a matter of months. Expect it to take one month for every year you’ve been out of balance. For instance, if you’ve suffering hormonal imbalance for ten years, it’ll take ten months to get back in balance. Most people feel better within the first few weeks of taking Genesis Gold® but I encourage them to keep going if they really want to heal at the deepest level.

  • Can my husband and my children take Genesis Gold® too?Yes. Genesis Gold® is formulated for human physiology, dosed by body weight. Genesis Gold® supports sex steroids, adrenals, thyroid, glucose metabolism, immune system and brain health. Men benefit as much as women from partaking of Genesis Gold®. Many children have taken Genesis Gold® and do very well. Children seem to tolerate the herby taste much better that adults. Children often express the need or desire for Genesis Gold®. Since 2003, children from toddlers to have enjoyed the benefits of Genesis Gold®.

I created Genesis Gold® to balance nutritional deficits, to help our bodies obtain optimal health, to harmonize our hormones so that our DNA can dance beautifully.

May You Enjoy Abundant Health with Genesis Gold®,



Deborah Maragopoulos, FNP
Intuitive Integrative Health

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