If you want know want to know if you might be insulin resistant Then this video is for you.

insulin resistance sign #1, You have an insulin meter

Insulin resistance just means your cells are not letting sugar in except your belly fat cells. Yes, that roll of belly fat may indicate that you could be insulin resistant. Insulin’s job is to escort sugar to your cells for energy production. So why would your body become insulin resistant. We’ll make a fist. That’s the size of your healthy heart. Any bigger and it would not be an efficient pump for your body. Your heart can only use all that sugar floating around in your blood stream to pump faster or grow. If you’re not running away from a tiger, then your heart closes the doorways to sugar. That’s called insulin resistance. Your belly fat always keeps the doors to insulin and sugar open.

Hormones, Tips #2: Your Body is Inflamed.

The problem with insulin resistance is that it’s the first step to diabetes. Insulin resistance is your body’s way of storing fat for the winter, except we don’t need to hibernate for the winter like a bear does, so that extra belly fat becomes a burden on your body. In fact all that extra insulin and sugar are super inflammatory and the primary reason behind coronary artery disease. The inflammation can also affect your joints causing pain and swelling. Insulin resistance can affect your skin causing rashes. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases and insulin resistance is definitely inflammatory.

Tip #3: You Crave Sugar

Insulin resistance affects your brain so While your belly fat is sorting all that extra sugar, your hypothalamus is not getting what it needs. It’s hard to think, you have brain fog, and trouble with your concentration and memory. So your hypothalamus stimulates your adrenals to produce cortisol to release stored sugar from your liver. Your pancreas makes more insulin in response to the rising blood sugar levels. Except your cells are resistant to insulin and the needed sugar can’t get in. But your belly fat stores it. It’s vicious cycle. I’ll show you in the next video how to break through insulin resistance.

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