DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health Series

for Health Care Providers


In these videos, I share what I've learned in 25 years of practicing intuitive integrative medicine with a focus on natural therapies. I focus on the neuro-immune-endocrine system especially the hypothalamus to discover the root of dis-ease. 



Seven Modules in MP4 format complete with PDF handouts:


Module 1— Neuro-immne-endocrine system and hypothalamic connection review. First Chakra: Gonadal function - age related decline, infertility, sex steroid dysfunction, use of bio-identical hormones and how to create our most beautiful, healthy selves.


Module 2 — Second Chakra: Pancreatic function - insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and how to receive the sweetness in life.


Module 3 — Third Chakra: Adrenal function – insufficiency, fatigue, stress related disorders and how to balance our sacred power.


Module 4 — Fourth Chakra: Thymus function - age related decline, autoimmunity, allergies, cancer and how to protect ourselves through compassion.


Module 5 — Fifth Chakra: Thyroid function – hypometabolism, hyperthryroidism, thyroiditis, and how to express our truth.


Module 6 — Sixth and Seventh Chakras: Pituitary and Pineal function- mood, learning, memory, sleep disorders and how to receive divine insight.


Module 7 — The Base of the Pyramid of Health: Digestion, assimilation, detoxification and energy production and how to nourish body and soul.



All modules will focus on:

· nutritional therapeutics

· herbal medicine

· glandular therapies

· bio-identical hormone therapy

· mind-body-spirit medicine

· symbology of dis-ease

· anti-aging medicine

· functional diagnostics and therapeutics

· integration of eastern and western medicine 



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DMAR® Intuitive Integrative Health Series

for Health Care Providers


Dear Colleague,


What I offer you in this course is a comprehensive integrative health care model that works. Really! My DMAR philosophy encompasses the entire person’s health and wellness and it has served me well for any diagnosis that has presented itself in the past 13 years.


I have assessed and treated patients from newborns to the elderly with all manner of complaints—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Immune disorders, endocrine imbalances, neurological disorders, psychological disorders, orthopedic injuries, gastrointestinal disorders, detoxification problems, even cancer. I have never advertised. Patients find me through word of mouth referral, travel from around the world to see me in Ojai, and pay out of pocket for my services. Why?


Because I address the whole person, use natural therapies integrated with conventional medicine, and, more importantly, help them learn to heal themselves. Yes, I know, it may seem counterintuitive to teach patients to heal.


Most health care systems focus on disease oriented models that treat symptoms, but rarely return the patient to optimal wellness—physically and mentally. Few deal with the spiritual nature of dis-ease.


Years ago an allopathic doctor I worked for got upset that I “taught the patients too much! They will not need us!” I laughed and said, “There’s enough sick people out there and the ones we heal will send their friends and family.” It makes no sense to milk the same patient population over and over, yet that is the conventional model…and unfortunately, I notice similarities in some alternative practices…patients that frequent practitioners because they have never learned to heal themselves.


And, I’ll share a secret with you. I have found that my patients are as well as I am. If I walk my talk and model a healthy way of living, they really respond. More so, I vibrate health and they feel it!


I believe that optimal wellness in encoded in our DNA. And I believe I have discovered how to upregulate our genetic potential. Which means—health and happiness in all aspects of our life. And that, my friend, is what our patients want. And that is what I wish for you!


Many Blessings of Health and Joy,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC

Intuitive Integrative Medicine

Genesis Health Products, Inc




Congratulations for aspiring to open your own practice!


When I opened my private practice in 1997, there were no successful models to follow. I wish there had been a colleague experienced in running a fee for service business when I first opened my practice. I made a lot of mistakes in the first six months, mainly because I had the mind set of an employee and not a business owner.  

So I created this eBook to be used as a launch pad for entrepreneurial nurse practitioners. It includes questions you must ask yourself before beginning this adventure. And everything I did before opening Full Circle Family Health. My entrepreneurial experience is unique, yet has been used as a model for many other nurse practitioners.

Best wishes on your new venture,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN APRN BC FNP

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  I truly believe nurse practitioners are the center of the wheel of health care. With our bio-psycho-social-spiritual training in nursing, we blend the art of healing with the science of medicine. Learning intuitive integrative medical assessment and treatment modalities can enhance your health care practice.


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