DMAR® Natural Heavy Metal Detox

by Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP



Our environment is full of toxins, including heavy metals. While Genesis Gold® has all the nutrients necessary to help the body detox on a daily basis, I see many patients already overloaded with toxicity. The problem with heavy metals: they replace healthy minerals in the cell structure interfering with cell function especially affecting the immune system, the brain and hormones.


There are three means to detect heavy metal toxicity:


  • Blood analysis: When you first ingest or are exposed to heavy metals, the toxins can be detected in the blood. For acute heavy metal poisoning, blood analysis is key. Yet just a few weeks after exposure, heavy metals no longer circulate freely in the bloodstream. Instead, the heavy metals have been deposited in the tissues.


  • Hair analysis: Everything the body has been exposed to over the past few months (the growth cycle of scalp hair) can be seen in the hair. Yet hair analysis is limited since older exposures can not be detected. Plus shampoos, hair products, hair dyes, and even contaminated shower water can interfere with heavy metal detection in the hair.


  • Urine Analysis: A random urine screen, even a 24 collection will only reveal what a blood analysis reveals. Gold standard testing for heavy metals is a provoked 24 hour urine collection.  The gold standard provocation agent is Dimethyl Succinate Acid (DMSA).


Since brain cells are highly metabolically active and receive the most blood, the brain is very sensitive to toxicity. Heavy metals not bound by the chelator may be reabsorbed by the brain.   I always recommend Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) to protect the brain while taking DMSA.


If 24 provoked urine toxicology reveals mercury toxicity, dental amalgams must be removed. It is preferable to use a biological dentist trained in proper amalgam removal technique. 


Chelation—pulling heavy metals from cells with synthetic or natural agents—is the standard treatment for heavy metal toxicity.


Many environmental specialists and integrative practitioners recommend chelation. While intravenous chelation is often prescribed for acute heavy metal poisoning, like recently ingesting arsenic or lead,  IV chelation can remove heavy metals too rapidly causing severe side effects. Plus IV chelation requires multiple office visits, can be quite costly and is rarely covered by insurance.


While oral DMSA is FDA approved for chelation, it is also FDA regulated and must be prescribed by a licensed health care provider.


Luckily, there are natural chelators. If used properly, natural chelating agents can be highly effective at removing heavy metals from the body. Chelation should be cycled with time off to allow the cells to rebuild between chelations cycles.


Here’s a natural way to chelate heavy metals from your body:


  • Natural Chelatating Agents:
    • Chlorella: Chlorella binds toxins and enhances body’s detoxification functions.
    • Wild Bear Garlic: Garlic protects red and white blood cells from oxidative damage during chelation and makes mercury, lead, cadminium water soluble to enhance removal via kidneys. (garlic kills bacteria and fungus in the gut, so there may be die off reactions, so go slowly)
    • Cilantro:  Cilantro mobilizes more toxins than it can carry. Cilantro also causes the gallbladder to dump bile, so chlorella is needed to prevent neurotoxins from being reabsorbed by the intestine. Never take cilantro without chlorella!


  • Heavy Metal Detoxification support:
    • ALA: Alpha Lipoic Acid protects the  brain from reuptake of heavy metals during chelation.
    • Minerals: A well balanced mineral supplement helps replace heavy metals that are pulled out of cell membranes..
    • Genesis Gold®: provides all necessary micronutrients to support the body during the chelation process plus is rich in algaes and chlorella to prevent re-toxification. Genesis Gold also helps the cells rebuild by supporting the hormones that orchestrate healthy tissue growth.


  • Protect yourself against heavy metal poisoning during amalgam removal by taking Chlorella during the week of amalgam removal. Lower doses of chlorella  should be taken in between until all amalgams are removed. Chlorella helps bind mercury that may leak into the gastrointestinal tract.


Detoxification of heavy metals from the body takes time. It is best not detox too rapidly.  Your body needs time to replace the heavy metals it incorporated into the cell structure. If you chelate too rapidly, cell function can be compromised and you will experience side effects.


Some medications may be affected by chelation therapy, so consult with your health care practitioner if you are taking prescription drugs.


If you are interested in the natural chelation therapy I recommend for my patients click link below: 

DMAR Natural Heavy Metal Detox Treatment and Protocol

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Genesis Gold®  protects you from toxins by optimizing your body’s natural detoxification systems.


Genesis Gold®’s all natural plant based formula is rich in detoxifying phytonutrients including:

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Genesis Gold® has the Sacred Seven® amino acids that support hypothalamic function and includes—cysteine and methionine—which help the liver clear toxins.


Plus Genesis Gold® is rich in sea vegetation including chlorella which is a natural chelator of heavy metals.




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